What's the best way to get your toddler/pre-schooler to listen?????


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Abby - posted on 02/10/2009




Nope, not TMI at all!  I like the idea of the child having to earn back his/her toys but honestly, my kids don't care one way or another about "things" so taking things away and telling them they need to earn them back doesn't work in our house.  What does work though is seeing that most everyone else with a 2 and/or 3 year old is going through the same issues.  So during those moments we feel as though we're all alone in this parenting battle, we can rest assured we're not!

Tammy - posted on 02/08/2009




My 2 year old is pretty good...he has had an occassional tantrum at the store or out somewhere but for the most part he understands the boundries. When he gets in his moods, he will look at me with a sneaky smile and start to do something he knows is off limits. Unless he is going to get hurt, I try to quickly think of how he has been that day. If he seems to be wanting attention, I will try to ignore the misbehavior and pick him up to give him a hug. (this is only if he hasn't fully done something wrong yet). I will redirect him to something he can do and he usually is ok with that. If he flat out disobeys me intentionally, he immediately gets a time out. If he doesn't do time out correctly, he must go to his room for a few moments. (we don't have toys in his room so that is easy for us...you could choose another room) Occassionally, if he has done something really wrong and has been warned, we will spank him on the bottom. We don't do it too much or it will not be useful. We have other things we do...like when he doesn't clean up his toys when I ask, I put them in a bag and he has to earn them back. Anyway, those are some of the things. I do try to get his attention to tell him what is expected and make sure that he hears me before he gets punished. He usually only gets one warning. Was that TMI?

April - posted on 02/07/2009




Thats our struggle right now too! My son is 2 and he gets into everything hs isn't supposed to. He's also starting to hit and SCREAM. We've tried time outs (for 2 minutes at a time) but I felt like we were giving him timeout 50 times a day! Soon, that just became a game to him. We've tried the Supernanny technique of getting down to his level to talk over the issue, but he just hits and screams. I guess the best thing that has worked for us is to change the subject and move on to something different. That way, when we give him time out (less frequently) he'll know that he REALLY messed up and got the worst punishment. The bunnies in the ears thing made me laugh though, I'll try that one tomorrow :)

Kyndra - posted on 02/07/2009




My daughter knows that she's not suppos to do something and will do it right in front of me and i'll tell her to stop and she acts like she doesnt hear me. drives me crazy. earlier today she was climbing the bathroom counter when i was using the bathroom. and i looked at her and i was like are you really serious? i tell you not to climb the counters at least 50 times a day and you are sitting there doing it right in front of me? get down! and the way i said it was like if i was telling my friend about it. i was talking like i would to an adult. usually i tell her get down we dont climb counters. and this time she just stopped and looked at me and quit climbing. it was kinda funny. i think she knew i was irritated.

Crystal - posted on 02/07/2009




It depends really and every kid is different. I have yet to find our balance, but for the most part for us its circumstances. Mainly our problem with not listening is just that our little guy is very emotional so he doesn't get his way he gets upset. He's me in boy form! basically I deal with what I can deal with. it comes to consistency though for the most part. if there is something specific you don't want them to do, you have to be consistent with it and also have reprocussions for their actions. If not whats to deter them from continuing the bad behavior? Good luck, hope it helped, somewhat

Anne - posted on 02/06/2009




with my 4 year old I have been asking her to take the bunnies out of her ears and listen to me.     This is a funny request it gets their attention and then it gives them something physical to do so that they are ready to listen.    It has been helping with my non listening child anyways, hope maybe it can help you too.

Mostly you just have to keep on working with them.    One other thing that helps is if you whisper, they need to listen to you so they have to be quiet to hear what you are saying.

I do know that kids, even little ones need respect too.    So talk like you would want some one to talk to you and that can help too.

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