What's the Hardest Part About Being a Mom to a Toddler?

Rachael - posted on 03/18/2014 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi moms, I'm going to be a mom soon with my first little one on the way in just a few months. I wanted to reach out and find out first-hand from moms - what is the hardest part of taking care of your little ones during the day?
I really want to make sure I take time to take care of myself (physically, emotionally, health-wise) after the little guy comes, but am wondering from you - what's really realistic?


Telishia - posted on 04/01/2014




first rule to follow and NEVER waiver from.. is take time for yourself.. you will be useless if you just fill your day with kid and house work.. We have four kids and after going 14 days with them 24/7 i get angry and short fused with them.. i have to remind myself they will be happier when i am happy.. go get a massage, pedicure etc and ASK your husband for help... no man thinks "oh im going to scrub the toilet today"..my husband can walk by piles of laundry and not think twice about it until he runs out of clean underware lol.. so if i need help, i just ask..
nurture yourself and you can be a better nurturer..
lots of luck..
and every mom has a different experience.. my toddler is 2.5 and a nightmare.. but i always tell myself, the one who craves the most love, asks in the most unloving ways!


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Ginger - posted on 03/29/2014




My daughter is 3 and I am in my 40's with some health issues. I am finding myself getting very tired a lot. She is at a phase where she just wants to push my buttons and boundaries. The other challenge I have had is potty training.

Cc - posted on 03/19/2014




One challenge I have is letting my son learn by doing things by himself in the morning. For example, I would love for him to always put his shoes and jacket on independently, but we're always in a rush. I also have two little ones now and it's very difficult to really enjoy the time I spend with them. I feel a little guilty sometimes, but by the time I come home from work and run around picking them up, bathing them, getting them fed, cleaning up, and taking care of other things, I'm so tired. I find myself going some days without really having fun with them because I'm so tired. Toddlers are really cute and can be very funny and entertaining. It's just that...I'm so tired. I guess I would recommend healthy eating and plenty of exercise so that you can maintain energy on little sleep.
Don't worry about the hard parts to come, though, mommy...Congratulations! Have a great time. Your life will never be dull, your days never boring. Treasure the alone time you have with your first-born. Enjoy the naps, appreciate the calm, peaceful cuddles. Have skin to skin bonding, you will both love it. The best relaxation/naps I ever had in my life were with my first born laying on my chest.

Danielle - posted on 03/18/2014




I miss the days of one child. Sleep while he sleeps! Let other stuff go if you can, like housework. Hold him as much as you want don't let people tell you your spoiling him, their wrong. I think everyone's different but the hardest part for me is being patient especially now with two, and letting things go. For example, all toddlers say no but it really irritates me when I ask my daughter to do a simple task and she tells me no. The smart thing to do is let it go, but this is a challenge for me and other mothers I know.

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