What's the real deal with pacifiers, are they really that bad?

Vanessa - posted on 11/06/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




So I kept my daughter from pacifiers for about 4 months, then around the time she started teething I couldnt take it any more, she got the infamous ''soothie'' pacifier and fell in love! haha

She is now 16 months and 'still in love'...every once in a while a random person would say "What are you doing with that in your mouth??" (to the baby) And I cant help but wonder, am I wrong for not weaning her off of it so much, am I wrong for depending so much on this thing to sooth my child?

Now Ive tried to wean her off of it, but it's hard when she is still teething and it helps me put her to sleep. She already weaned herself from breastfeeding so I cant just give her that.

What's yall stories? Advice? Feedback?


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Megan - posted on 11/14/2009




My son used one pretty much from the time he was a baby until about 18 months I weaned him. It was NOT easy. He was starting to talk more, so we would just tell him we couldn't understand him with it in his mouth. He would take it, say what he wanted to say and pop it right back in. Bedtime was the worst though. He would lay in bed screaming and crying because he didn't have it. Of course, it was much harder on ME than it was on him. I had people tell me to cut a little bit off the tip each day until eventually nothing was left then just throw them away, but that didn't work for us. He would just get mad and tell me it was "broken". But after a few rough nights, about a week, I think, he got to the point where he didn't even want it anymore.

I have also heard that when they are used too long that it can cause dental problems and delayed speech issues.

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For most children that are "typical", a paci isn't usually a problem. If a child has low muscle tone, which you can tell if they still drool a lot (after 12 months I'd say is too long, even if teething) or if they carry an open mouth posture. Sucking on the paci (or bottle or sipi cup for that matter) puts the mouth in an immature posture. this could interfere wiht speech development.

With that said, my children were not low tone and used a sippy cup all the time!!!! They did not have delayed speech development, so the paci, bottle, sippy cup thing is not a hard and fast rule.

If you notice this open mouth posture, late drooling, or delayed speech, my advice is to stop the bottle, paci, and sippy cup and move to a "regular" straw and/or open cup. this will help strengthen oral motor muscles.

Teresa - posted on 11/13/2009




well with my child she threw it at me at 3 months and that was that. I know that dental problems can happen among other problems. You might want to goggle the effects, but if you want to wean her. COLD turkey is always the best. At least that is my experience

Kristen - posted on 11/06/2009




The problem is when some parents use the pacifier instead of parenting, and supposedly it can cause dental issues that need corrective braces. Can she use a teething ring that you put in the fridge or freezer? I personally, though no expert myself, don't see a problem with it being used for teething discomfort. I do, however, see a problem with 3 year olds that run around with one in their mouth constantly. Good luck! I ended up with a baby who wanted nothing to do with a binky so we never had to cross that bridge. Don't know which is worse...not having a binky-user or having one...they both have their ups and downs!

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