What to do for my daughters 2nd bday if we are all alone?

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My daughter and I moved out here to be a family with her dad after we had been divorced for nearly a year and a half. We were only back together almost a year and he walked out on us the day before valentines day. So, my question is, I want to make it special for my daughter as last year I had no money and neither did he as i was the only one working. She didnt get any presents, but we took her to chucky cheese. This year I want to get her a big elmo cake from this delicious bakery but we dont know anyone but his family and i dont speak to any of them. We have some kids from church and her mothers day out program and she will be two yrs old this year, so Im not sure what to do if its just the two of us....there is a boingo bounce place for kids and they have a party room and a big bounce house indoors. Its just for her age group. But if i rent that place and invite kids from her playschool, they may not come because they dont know us. we just started last week. i need ideas since her bday in march 26. my family is in another state so theres no chance of them coming out here.


Nicky - posted on 03/12/2012




She is young, so she really doesnt get the concept of a birthday yet. Anything you guys do will be fun! Im sure she will enjoy anything as long as she has you. You could invite some friends from church or playschool and see if they come, but if they dont im sure it wont matter to her, she will still have a blast! My son will be 4 on the 21st and im taking him & his 2 cousins & his older brother to chuckie cheese in the morning then home to have a small party. My oldest son just turned 11 and his party was this past saturday & OMG was it madness!! He invited way to many friends. Could you imagine about 13 11yr old boys going crazy in my house!! LOL!! I'll enjoy my lil guys small parties while they last :) but as I said im sure your daughter will have a blast no matter what. My son will be 4 and he could still care less how many people come.

Katherine - posted on 03/08/2012




I was told however old the child is, that's how many friends you should invite.

Go to the bouncy house. It's funny because last year I made my daughter an Elmo cake! I got the mold and then decorated.

She will have a blast no matter what you do. My daughters birthday is March 16th. I don't know who to invite either. She'll be three and she really only has one friend.

I'm taking her to an open gym gymnastics place and having a scooby doo cake. Not making this one lol.

I think she'll have fun no matter what.

Invite some kids from church and that's it. She doesn't need a BUNCH of friends.


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Ruth - posted on 03/11/2012




I agree with Katherine. Inviting just a couple kids or adults that you know she likes to be around and feels comfortable with will work well for her. If you end up spending it alone with just the two of you, I would do all of her favorite things, and have her favorite foods : )

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