What would you do if someone else cut your child's hair?

Katherine - posted on 09/30/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




FLIP! My MIL does that and so does my mom. Without even asking! I get flaming mad.


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Amanda - posted on 10/01/2012




Luckily my daughter is very picky with who she lets cut her hair and thats only my hairdresser. She wouldn't allow anyone to go near her hair let alone cut it. But if she did, and someone did cut her hair, I think I would flip.

I'd be pretty pissed off too if it was my son.

I know how I like their hair and what suits them, so does my hairdresser. Therefore with or without asking the only people that are allowed to take them to have their hair cut are me or their dad.

Elfrieda - posted on 10/01/2012




Maybe it's different for boys. I would say, THANK YOU! Also, how did you get him to hold still? :P

Denikka - posted on 09/30/2012




My sisters gramma (we have different dads) used to do this every summer. Her dad and our mom have been split up for a long time and, during dads time, he'd take the kids out to see his mom every summer. And every summer, my sister would come back with a chin length bob haircut.

My mom was always so pissed off, and my sister HATED it.

I would kill people. No one is cutting my daughters hair. I want her in long hair until SHE asks for it to be different. A slight trim here and there, I'll take care of that. Anything more than that and heads would roll.

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