whats the average weight for a 21month old boy


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User - posted on 11/19/2012




my son is almost 22 months old and weighs 21lbs, 4 ounces, he hasn't gained weight in almost a year maybe a few ounces then loses it, hes in the 3rd percentile line, his doctor is a bit concerned just cause hes falling off the charts. Which is making me concerned, were not sure whats causing the problem. He has failure to thrive, he also has GDD ( Global Development Delay ) with other unknown problems, Hes still eating all his food ( table food ) pureed. If someone is going through the same problem I would be happy to know what happened or what they are going through as well so I know what to expect at his next dr appointment. His doctor did say next month if he still hasn't gained weight we are gonna take action ( whatever that means ) please help a concerned mommy thank you

Shana - posted on 07/20/2010




There is a chart that your Dr. has that tells what precentile they are in. the higher the precentile, the better (but you still have to take into effect overweight children.) My son is 19 mos and weighs about 26 lbs but he is also tall at 32 inches. I keep thinking he is too skinny. we battled his weight gain since he was born. He had severe stomach problems and didn't really like to eat. But when we took him to the dr. he was in the 40th percentile i believe. I thought he was underweight but the dr said it was a good weight. He was seeing 3 out of 5 children were overweight and said he believed those on the thinner side were healthier.

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