whats the easiest way and less stressful to take a dummy away from a child?


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For us it was actually pretty easy. My daughter only used it for naps and bedtime though. Daycare started first, once she turned one she didn't get it anymore during the day and once she got used to that (I think a month or so) I started putting her down at night without it, if she woke up then I'd give it to her, but she only woke up once or twice. In total it took us a month to get rid of it. She didn't even notice after awhile. Daddy was the worst though, he wanted to use it if she started acting up in the store and I had to be vigilant in making sure that we never had any with us at all!!

I have heard that the cutting the tip off worked well for some kids though, you may try that if your not comfortable in just taking it away. I know I wasn't and in all honesty probably wouldn't have done it that way but my previous DCP was adamant that no child had it past age 1 and she just took it away, but I think it was just mine because one other little boy that was 4 days older than Layla still has his and they will be 2 in April! But that's a whole other story, hence the previous DCP! I've heard the paci fairy or talking to them like a big kid and saying how big kids don't have paci's and then having them throw it away but in my mind that only works if they are old enough to understand the concept of being a big kid.

Julie - posted on 02/26/2009




it's hard, but our son is almost two and 1/2 and at 18mths we decided he couldn't have it during the day, and only at nap and nighttime. He was just not given it no matter how much he begged for it during the day. After a few days he didn't even ask for it anymore cuz he knew he couldn't have ti. We will be stopping it all together soon, but for now it is ok...i think probably we will stop it in a couple months.

Jennifer - posted on 02/26/2009




I've heard of that fairy tree thing before. But that's not what I did with my son. I was one of the cruel moms =) I started taking it away at 1 year. He had had it since birth and would keep one with him all day long. I started for about a week or two with only letting him have it when he went to sleep. After that I took one passy and hid it in a cupboard for emergencies and threw all the other ones in the trash. Kids recover quickly, he only cried the first night. He's 2 now and doesn't even know what to do with the passy (he has baby brothers).

Basically I think the sooner you take it away the better, they get over it quicker.

Deborah - posted on 02/26/2009




This is a hard one. I've been in a battle with it myself. Abbie has had a passy since she was born , and perhaps that is why they become such an issue to let go of  because we allowed them to have it and get attached. Believe it or not there are moms out that that will cruely just toss out the window of the car going down the road. I can't do that. My biggest concern/fear was to make it not a devistating thing to her.

When I was little my mom had me put it on the tree and give it to Santa. Christmas morning Santa left me a hobbie horse what I called hoarkey.  But aparently I asked my mom the next day if I could give hoarkey back and get the passy back. lolol.

For girls you can do the fairy tree. Basicaly you and the child put the passy in a gift bag and hang it on a tree in your yard. The fairy will come during the night and take the bag and leve her own bag with a gift to the child, like a doll or something.

For boys I'm sure you could create a similar situation.

For me, I went in stages, a couple hours without it, then only nap and night night she could have it did it a while then dropped off the nap, so she only got it for night night,then we took that away. She asked for it periodicaly and we would tell her that she is a big girl now and big girls don't need passys. Two weeks straight no passy, I thought damn easier then I thought.

Until one day I caught her, she had a hidden passy she had hid behind her dresser, so were back to naps and night night. LOLOL

Debby - posted on 02/26/2009




Try cutting the top off. It doesn't feel the same and they usually don't want it after that

Danielle - posted on 02/26/2009




by a dummy i'm assuming you mean a passy... there is no easy way. It's all hard. your gonna feel like your doing somthing mean by taking somthing they want away from them. It's like when I was getting Rayeme off the boob it took me four months longer than I wanted because I felt like she thought I was punishing her or somthing. But the truth is that we have to do whats good for them. And teeth are verry important to think about their adult teeth can and will be affected by the constant sucking for years on end. My little sister alexis had her passy till she was almost 5 years old... now her adult teeth are growing in and needless to say she'll need braces for the gaps in the front.

Don't feel bad tho your only doing whats right for your boys. You may want to take him to the store and by him a stuffed animal or toy to replace it and tell him that's what you guys are doing and that big boys dont suck on dummys! ;)

Hope it goes well if you need any support you can always talk to me!

-All a mommy's love,
Danielle Lawson ((AkA:Rayeme's Mommy))

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