When can i put my baby on whole milk?

Bree - posted on 10/16/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son will be 12 months next month. When is it ok to switch to whole milk, i know the doctors say to wait until 12 months but i don't feel like the formula is doing enough anymore? When did you switch your baby to whole milk?


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Raye - posted on 10/19/2015




Have you also started him trying out different baby food flavors? Up to 6 months, they should be getting ALL of their nutrients from formula/breastmilk. After 6 months they can start trying out baby food or other pureed foods, but still should be getting MOST of their nutrients from formula/breastmilk. After 12 months you can introduce whole milk, but they will still need to get nutrients somewhere. So, until they are accustomed to eating the baby food, you may still need formula.

Sarah - posted on 10/16/2015




12 months. Formula actually has more fat and nutrients then whole milk. Formula is designed for infants.....their bodies are growing and developing so fast that they need the extra fat and nutrients in formula.

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