When did your children start sleeping out???? (grandparent, aunts and uncles, etc......?

Heather - posted on 04/13/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son whose 3 years old started sleeping out at his grandparents for the first time on April,10th!! We have asked him if he wanted to for the past year or so and he has always said no thankyou!!! To our surprise on Friday he asked if he could sleep at his grandmas, of course we said yes and he had the time of his life!!!! He slept at his other grandparents last night!!!! I am very happy that he made this decision on his own!! What a big step!!!!


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Lindsay - posted on 04/13/2009




My kids have always stayed with my parents since they were very young (2 and 3 months). My mom started with keeping them about 1 night a month so "mommy and daddy" could have a free night to go out or stay in or do whatever. It's been great bonding for my kids and my parents. Their house is like second home and they never have reservations about staying. In fact, they usually don't want to leave! They have not stayed overnight at thier daddy's parents house only because it really hasn't come up. They are more comfprtable with having them for the afternoon and tiring them out. That's also fine with me! I love my kids more than anything but a break is always welcome too!

Madeline - posted on 04/13/2009




My mom wanted to have the grandkids spend the night by the time they were each a few months old. However, I couldn't part with them til after they turned 1. I have 3 girls and they've each spent the night at grandma's without a problem. My 8 yr old and 5 yr. old spend a week at a time at grandma's during the summer. My 21 mo. old only spends the night when us parents have plans. But she loves it!

Amanda - posted on 04/13/2009




Wow, I have left both my kids at very young ages. I never breastfed so that was never a concern. They were both about 8 weeks old the first time I left them with my mother.....who I trust 110% and is very good about following my directions and my wishes for my kids. Now my son is 2 yr. 3 mo. and my daughter is 8 mo. and we never have a hard time leaving them because they both have ver special bonds with their grandparents. I have a harder time leaving them with my in-laws and try to reserve those for the the short trips (couple of hours) and not the overnights because they don't follow my schedule or my wishes so it bugs me!!

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Congratulations! My son first stayed with his grandparents when he was perhaps 10 months old. My sister also came to our house and stayed with him for a night while we went to a hotel! That was my birthday wish when he was just over a year. I miss him like crazy when we are apart but treasure every minute alone with my husband.

Emily - posted on 04/13/2009




That is the way we did it too! My duaghter was almost two and a half when she decided she wanted to spend the night with my parents. She loved it and didnt' ask for us at all. She was actually still nursing at the time so I was worried but there was no reason to worry. She is now six and spends the night at all sorts of friends' houses. Her other grandparents visited last week and she was invited to sleep over at their rental house but she said she wasn't ready. She isn't as familliar with them. I also have a two and a half year old and she is nowhere near ready to sleep away from me.

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