When did your LO become more independent?

BEE - posted on 03/04/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm just curious. I'm a SAHM with an almost 3 year old son. He is very attached to me. I take him to parks and story time at the library so he can socialize with other kids and adults but he seems to only want to play with me since he's used to being home with me all the time. Just want to know if there is anyone who is in the same situation or has been in this situation and when did their LO become more independent. I know they grow up fast and you should enjoy them wanting to be with you all the time but I also don't want him to be too attached and not do anything on his own.


Cecilia - posted on 03/14/2013




Really does depend on the child. My oldest was pretty much a mama's boy until Kindergarten. Mind you I had two other children by then and he had gone to pre-school. He's 15 and still a some-what mama's boy (as much as a teen boy can be I guess).

My other two who are also teens now, one always was kinda independent and the other was about 3.

It really just depends on the child and when they are comfortable being separated. I never pushed any of them to be that way, it just kinda happens and then you almost feel a little sad when it happens.


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Christina - posted on 03/06/2013




My daughter became independent when I had a second baby. So my answer is, have a second child. LOL :)

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