When is it ok to give babies water from bottled water?

Mirzi - posted on 04/04/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




We're traveling to Los Cabos, Mexico with my 10-month old. I was worried about the hassle of boiling water for her formula but my hubby suggested to just use bottled water. I'm thinking maybe that's ok as long as I still boil the water from the bottled water.


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Evian bottled water has the lowest levels of sodium and is very baby friendly.  It's doctor recommended.  When the kids were babies we always used Evian and boiled it to be extra safe.  You can never be too sure. 

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when my daughter started bottles at 10 months after I stopped breast feeding, I only used bottled water (usually there are some brands better suited to infant formula preparation) and did not boil. She never had any problem and all my friends did the same.


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Kevin - posted on 11/09/2013




yes and no. make sure its quality (which is actually only a few brands)
AVOID fluoridated water (which is most) because its put in city water supplies and nursery water?? really people. fluoride is for teeth and is harmful to swallow

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when i weened my daughter from the breast at 6mths i mixed her formula with bottled water only and she seemed fine i guess its the type of bottled water your going to use.

Jen - posted on 04/05/2009




You shoud be fine with bringing bottled water. We traveled with my daughter when she was 9 months old and I had one bottle already filled with water and 2 extra water bottles to refill for another bottle. The security guy wouldn't let us take more than 2 bottles on the plane so make sure to put them in your other bag to go under the plane. We didn't even boil the water we just used it out of the bottle.

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i wouldnt do it as usually the water is too high in minerals (salt etc) for babies and very unhealthy, you are better off boiling tap water, plus i would advice you to get some water purification tablets they are safe to drink even for babies and kill all germs, x romy

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