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Amanda - posted on 10/31/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son just turned 3 two days ago. I was wondering if it is too early to start him in preschool, middle of the year. He needs speech therapy which is why i aquiring rather it would be too early. Hardly anyone can understand him and I'm worried about him going to school and not being able to be understood. If I wait until next school year he would be 3 years and 10 months by time school started. So should I start him this year mid year at 3 years old or next year at almost 4 years old


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JoAnne - posted on 11/02/2016




I have worked in early childhood education and we early childhood people believe 3 is not too early. As someone who was a stay at home mom I also understand that people sometimes believe children should be home with their parents as long as possible. I sent my daughter to preschool at 2 1/2 so she started mid year. I sent her 2 days a week at first then when she turned 3 I bumped it up to 3 days per week and when she was 4 she went 5 days per week. Professionally and as a mom, I think the decision about what age to start preschool varies by the needs of the child. It sounds to me like your son would benefit from the preschool environment. Starting preschool mid-year is not an issue like it is in elementary school. Children in preschool come and go all year long. Starting off 2 days a week really worked well for us. That might work well for you, too.

I personally prefer church preschools. I like the socially "grown up" activities they have like chapel where the children are able to get together in big groups as opposed to staying only in their classroom with their classmates. They also have a tendency to seek out parent participation to a greater degree. In my experience the more parent participation the greater benefit to the child and the parent because you get more opportunities to talk to your child's teacher about your child and see how they behave in the school environment.

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