Why is potty training so HARD???


Minnie - posted on 06/17/2009




I think I already answered this same question... it's because we are having to untrain a learned behavior. Infants are born with control over their bladder and bowels and know to signal when they have to go. But we stick them in diapers from day one, teach them that it's ok to potty in their pants, they forget to signal when they have to go, and they lose their control. And then one day, after at least a couple of years of it being ok to potty in their pants, we tell them that it's no longer ok. That's why it's hard.


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1) because all of parenting is hard. :oP

2) because you are asking a child who has eliminated into a diaper for their *entire* life to change their habtis. honestly, how easy is it to change a habit? do you like to change your habits? do adults stick to diets? quit smoking over night? pick up a new skill overnight? no.

3) because babies and toddlers thrive on regular routines and changing a routine on them will take getting used to. while i believe children are naturally adaptable, i think you encounter more or less resistence based on their age and developmental stage.

4) because toddlers will naturally test you to see how serious you are. about everything and anything. your consistency and will power are key ingredients to successful potty training. waiting for "readiness" allows you to reason and use other children as models or examples, but potty training at an earlier age is possible and not damaging, if done with persistence, patience, and love. your mindset and tactics just have to be different.

ALL parenting is hard! :o)

if it's not potty training, it's tantrums and defiance! or it is eating habits! or dawdling when you need to go in the hurry, or any of the million other things we mommies post about on these boards.

is potty training particularly hard? maybe. i think it depends on your expectations of the process and your child. all about your frame of mind.

Dorta - posted on 06/17/2009




Ok since i have one of each, I have to say girls are easer to train then boys. if you have to move the potty around as you and your child do diffrent activities. from room to room. That way they can get to it. For bed time take the potty to bed with them. then take the child to the bathroom when you empty it. Try this for 1-5 days. As well put underwear on them. You already know as aparent that there will be messes. that's what we get. my daughter was trained in 2 weeks. i would advise though not to give your child drinks 1-2 hours before bed. At first, then once they have the control let them be normal. If any of you have advise on Boys. Please my son will pee on toilet but not poop.

Savannah - posted on 06/17/2009




I have to agree. I love being a mommy and teaching my kiddos new things but so far potty training is really the pits. My least favorite part.

PJ - posted on 06/16/2009




How old is your child? And are they really ready to be potty trained? When talking to my doctor, he said that a child isn't really ready to be potty trained until they wake up from their naps with dry diapers. My daughter turned 2 January 24. She is doing pretty well with her training, but it has it's ups and downs. At first, she would potty on the toilet, but poo in her diaper. Then for a little while, she was doing both on the toilet. Now she poos on the toilet and potties in her diaper. It just takes some time and patience. Realize that even when you think they are potty trained, they will still have "accidents" that sometimes aren't. Sometimes they get so busy playing that they don't want to stop to go potty. Make sure you are asking your child often if they have to go potty, and even if they say no, have them sit on the potty as often is possible. Don't punish for going in the diaper, just remind them that they should go on the potty. But make sure to reward them greatly when they go where they are supposed to. I have learned from personal experience, positive reinforcement works much better than punishment when it comes to children.

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