will not stay asleep...

Mellissa - posted on 07/13/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




my now 3yr old will not sleep through a full nite....i rekon i could count on 2 hands only how many times he has....ive seriously had enough....tried the whole,, not speaking 2 him wen he gets up , & just put him bak 2 bed...have tried , giving him a drink, cuddles, kisses, yelling , screaming, smackn,,..lol...new bed,, own room,, different pillows, new covers, dimming lights,, no lights ...& just this week got him an electric blanket...as he always kicks the doona off........still nothing has worked....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... i need sleep........help....


Liz - posted on 07/14/2009




I just went through this with my 3 yr. old this past month. It took a little over a week, and I almost gave up a few times because I was so tired. My daughter would go right to bed and then after sleeping a few hours she would get up every 45 mins. to 2 hrs.

What I did was the no talking, no looking, no interaction what so ever during the night. Just picked her up and put her right back into bed. (the same thing for naps) During the day we would go over the sleep rules (stay quiet,stay in bed, go to sleep) and also go over the consequences. At first we would take toys away, that worked a few times but then it wasn't enough. Then we told her if she got out of bed no TV for the entire day. She lost it once and that was it. She stays in bed now.

I also reward her with a prize. I put smiley faces on the calender when she stays in bed, if she fills up the week she can get a toy. (It helped to talk about what toy was she going to get, build up the excitement for it) The key is to stay consistent, especially for the really stubborn ones, like mine:). If you cave and talk to him even once you will have added another few days of rying to get him to stay.

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my 2yr and a half yr old was the same. He shares a room with his 5 yr old brother (who will sleep through anything). I was exactly like u doing everything I could think of but nothing worked, some nights he would wake maybe 3 times other nights it could be as many as 10.

Just recently I had to put ear drops in his ear and to my surprise he slept all night, and for the following 3 nights after that. Then it started again, afetr a few weeks I tried the drops again and once again he slept through the night. I took him to a new doctor (all the others just said he was hyper and needed to be worn out by bed time). After explaining about his ears, she had a real good look and told me that he has very small ear canals, these were blocking up with wax and affecting his balance (he did fall over a fair bit) and more than likely his sleep. So now once a fortnight I place a few drops of oil in his ears and one day when really necessary he will get gromits put in his ears.

I hope this helps, just one thing you could try.



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