Working moms VS Stay at home moms

Tera - posted on 09/17/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




What are the pros and cons of being a stay at home mom VS a working mom?
Working moms do you think you have the same relationship with your child(ren) as a mom who is home all day with their child(ren)? Stay at home moms do you feel you contribute to the family household as much as someone who has a paycheck coming into the home? Do working moms feel guilty about not being at home with their child(ren)? Do stay at home moms ever wish they could be working moms and vice versa? Was it your choice to be a working mom/ stay at home mom or was it out of necessity? Working moms were you ever criticized for not being at home with your child(ren)? Stay at home moms are you ever referred to as lazy for being at home? Would you change you're choice to stay at home or go back to work? How do your children react to your situation?


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Johnna W - posted on 09/25/2013




I am a working mom, a full-time 40 hour (sometimes more) a week job. I stayed home with my little one until he was 4 months old, then he went to the home of family members while I was at work, and is now in a home-care daycare. I honestly like the fact that I work. I love Jax, but he LOVES the other kids at the baby sitters and really enjoys himself there. We have an evening routine, but just like a SAHM, I also have to cook dinner, clean the house, get him bathed and in bed and honestly, it gets hard. My husband works late hours, so normally by the time I get home to a couple hours after Jax goes to bed it is just me, Saturdays too. So it makes it difficult to get everything done without being dog tired and still being able to get some fun stuff done with my son. I guess it just depends on the person. I chose to go back to work, not only to help financially but to battle depression. I can quit at any time, but as for right now, I like to work.

Ann - posted on 09/25/2013




im a SAHM and here's what i think:
1. I contribute to the household just as much as anyone else does in the family. My husband has a job outside of the house, mine is in. I take care of the children, I do the laundry, the cleaning, the cooking, and taking care of household duties that my husband can't accomplish during the day as yes, I probably have a little bit more free time than he does, and can go run errands to like the bank and other places, that more than likely aren't open after he is finished work.
2. I do wish sometimes that I could be a working mother outside of the home as you can sometimes get bored of the same routine, and sometimes it's nice to make some extra money to put towards something of your own
3. I am a SAHM because It is something my husband and I have agreed on until the kids are in school. I did the math, that i would be working, to pay to put the kids in daycare just so I could have a job, seems very pointless to be wasting money and time just to have a job to be outside of the house, when I could be working inside the house and saving money.
4. I'm constantly called Lazy. But a SAHM isn't an easy job. Many people think I have a lot of time on my hands, which is bullocks. I wake up every day at 8:00am. change, clothe, and cook my children breakfast. I do laundry, cook, clean, and am constantly picking up after my kids during the day, not including when I run into town to do errands, pick up groceries, run to the bank, and do things for my husband. They go to bed at 7pm after dinner, bath, a bed time story, and a cuddle. And I am in bed by 10pm every night. That gives me a 3 hr window to finish folding laundry, clean up after dinner, and possibly have an hour to read a couple chapters of a book or watch an episode on tv. I go to bed early, so I know I get a good deal of sleep so i'm not exhausted the next day and can keep up with my children. THIS SUCKS when you are sick and there's nobody around to help you. My husband is in the army and atm is away for 9 months, my family is 45 - 60 minutes away. At least if your sick and have to stay home from work, you know your kids are already going to be at day care and you can stay in bed all day and not give a crap, you can't do that if your a SAHM, your on your own.

But i do give kudos to those who do work and have young kids. For it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. But they should also realize it takes as just much work for those who do have kids and a job that SAHM also have a full-time job at home and shouldn't be judged poorly because we work at home, and they work outside the home.

Michelle - posted on 09/24/2013




Why are you asking? it sounds like you are trying to do research without coming out and saying it.

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