Your Toddler’s Best?

Melissa - posted on 07/26/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




We all adore our children but the toddler stage can be very difficult with the temper tantrums, potty training and them wanting to be independent and testing their boundaries… in lue of all that I wanted to take a moment and ask other parents what your toddler’s best moments were/are? For me it was today that I realized my 2 ½ year old is extremely helpful when it comes to me getting some light housework done. She spent the night at her grandparents (which she has done a number of time but generally on the Friday or Saturday when I have my husband home to help with our 9 ½ month old son) when I was trying to vacuum the house this morning I realized that she is the one who entertains her bother so I can get it done. It took twice as long as normal! She is so independent and helpful with keeping herself and her brother busy I guess I never realized how much I can accomplish around the house in the morning. So mommies what do your toddlers do to make your life a little easier?


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Michelle - posted on 08/10/2012




I am lucky to have 2 helpful girls; my 5yr old and my almost 2 yr old. my oldest has always helped do little things concerning her baby sister, now they both like to help do different things. Currently our washer is broken so my oldest has been helping me hand wash clothes. My youngest helps me load them in the dryer and set them on my bed to be organized. My oldest has always had an odd fascination with dusting and my youngest loves to help her now.

The biggest thing and in my mind the sweetest and most important is how my oldest daughter has taken care of ME when I faint. I have low blood sugar and if I have an attack I get dizzy and faint, not for long but it not fun. My daughter has brought me pillows and blankets, calls my husband on the phone sits by me. I only know this from waking up like that and her telling me. After having my youngest, my older daughter took it upon herself to teach her sister what to do and watch her until my husband gets there or till I wake up. She's my little hero :)

Kat - posted on 07/26/2010




my son (about 14 months almost), a couple days ago, i was soooo sick and could barely move (i had no energy whatsoever), and he didnt mind spending the day in his playpen in his room while i tried to get better. he didnt pitch a fit, and let me sleep basically all day, other than his feeding and changing. he was really good. the next day when i was better, he was back to getting into all kinds of things lol

Amanda - posted on 07/26/2010




This isnt about being helpful, but yesterday I looked up and saw my daugther walking around the house butt naked, dragging her toy duck around by a string, just enjoying her little walk. She was encourging her duck to keep up with her like a good little mommy.

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