1.5 year old not sitting up on own or talking at all,what does this mean?

Marcie - posted on 11/21/2011 ( 15 moms have responded )




I have a serious question for everyone and please don't make fun,a girl i know has a little boy who is 1.5 years old and when you hold him he can not sit up on his own at all he is just like a new baby,he will slouch back unless your hand is there.Also he can't walk or talk at all nothing and i was just wondering what this could be signs of.I asked the mother who the father is and she told me the same thing she told everyone else that she didn't know,well she lives under the same roof with her mom and dad and brother and the way her and her brother are when they are around each other really has me and others i know wondering if they might have had sex.....yes it sounds gross but yet funny to some but this is serious and i am asking a serious question so please nobody make fun of this,i would really like to know because it is a sad thing when you come acrossed a child like this.So please just awnser honestly and let me know so i can know and not be in suspence about this anymore.


Theresa - posted on 11/22/2011




sounds like lower muscle tone.......need to work on strengthing the core muscles! Where does your friend live?
Can they go to the dr. and get a referel for an idp program....Infant development program....a worker will come in assess the child and depending on how serious or what is needed ie physiotherapist occupational therapist will come and work with the baby and mother

Elizabeth - posted on 11/22/2011




I completely agree with Vicki. I never taught my children how to roll/sit/move they did it on their own. I have 3 children.

Vicki - posted on 11/22/2011




Hopefully he's been seen by a dr. Could be any number of causes, but not being able to sit at 1.5yrs is a concern. Talking wise, he should be able to say at least a few words. My boy was a late talker and wasn't saying much then, but he was saying a few things (he's talking lots now)

I wouldn't put it down to him being held either. In many cultures babies are held/carried all the time and learn to sit and walk on his own. My little man was carried in a sling everywhere and rarely put down and he was fine. Once he wanted to move he just did. They don't need teaching, unless they've got some kind of developmental delay, they just do it, it's inbuilt.

Krystal - posted on 11/22/2011




That baby should have seen a doctor regularly enough that they should know what is going on with him. And unfortunately, if she chooses not to share with others the diagnosis that's her thing. Now if she doesn't know because she has not been taking him a doctor, I would call CPS immediately.

Chelsey - posted on 11/22/2011




My son had issues like this and has cerebral palsy caused from a tramatic birth. She should have him in therapy. Just mention to her usually the school district has special education services that can do him visits and get him going to where he needs to be. My son has been working with early childhood teachers and therapists since he was 5 months old.


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Charmaine - posted on 05/21/2017




I'm sorry if this is really old but it's none of ur goddamn fucking business who this child's father is. I have a son who is nearly 2 that doesn't sit and it's cp sorry but u don't need to know anything about this child. It's no one business excepts the families people like u who judge and butt in are what pisses me off when having a special needs child. It's privacy that she doesn't tell u what the dr said it's called a privacy act.

Pam - posted on 02/12/2013




She's not gossiping she's mentioning that to see if its that's the cause of him being slow. There's definitely something wring with him. He should be evaluated. To her help. Do it for him. I would probably in your case think it may be due to incest for sure. I hope that's not the case be ause that is so wrong. And the mother and father don't they notice something wierd with the kid and also with his development. She should be assuming the same thing if u noticed that. I thinkshe would have also.

Cheryl - posted on 11/28/2011




There is definitely something wrong! Try to find out which Paed she went to if you can, or advise her to go to a clinic to assess the little one. That isn't right. Surely he had regular innoculations and check ups at various stages of his development, to see if all was at least average???

Marcie - posted on 11/27/2011




Thank you everyone for your comments,i do take it all in and agree with every last one of you. I have stressed her to take him to a pediatrician and she said she did but didn't tell me anything else.I haven't spoke to her since cause she is hardly ever home suposably but if I don't hear anything in the next week i WILL be calling CPS!It bugs me like hell to know a child that is like this and not getting the medical treatment he or she needs!because it could be serious! I personally feel the women is unfit but the definition these days about that subject is different in all eyes.My daughter was saying words by the time she was 8 months and walking befor a year and my son was premie and saying words by 10 months and walking at 14 months and he more or less scooted his way around rather then crawling lol but the doctor said it was normal.But this child i know something is wrong and i will make sure this child gets the help he needs because i refuse to just sit back an do nothing.Thanks again to all of you :-)

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Stop gossiping about incest and get this boy some medical help if he doesn't already have it.

Heather - posted on 11/21/2011




It could be that they hold him, all the time. They probably never encouraged the child to sit or do anything for himself. But yes, this child is mentally off, unless they just haven't worked with him? Babies don't learn how to sit, etc., unless you teach them.

Barbara - posted on 11/21/2011




He's definitely developmentally delayed. She needs to get help with him now because the earlier she does the better the outcome will potentially be for him. If she won't take the initiative I would call CPS and have them come and evaluate him. It's in his best interests in the end.

Krista - posted on 11/21/2011




Yikes. I have no idea what would be causing that, but I would HOPE that she's brought the poor little boy to a doctor. It is NOT normal for him to not be able to sit up on his own at 1.5 years of age.

Could it be due to developmental difficulties caused by incest? Sure. But it could be due to ANY other number of reasons, so I'm afraid you're still going to need to be in suspense. Kids born of incest do not tend to have one defining, identifiable factor.

If you know this girl well enough to talk to her, please encourage her to talk to her pediatrician about her son's development. Something is NOT right, here.

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