10 Criteria for Choosing a Vitamin Supplement

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1. Does the vitamin disintegrate quickly enough to be bioavailable for your cells?
2. What is disintegrating into your bloodstream- -artificial colorings, sweeteners and preservatives?
3. Is high heat used to process the vitamin, killing enzyme life?
4. Is the vitamin food-sourced, synthetic or an isolate?
5. Is the manufacturer committed to scientific research--not just marketing research?
6. Is that research publishing in scientific medical peer reviewed journals not just advertising journals? Are the clinical studies done by independent research labs, not just in-house rubber stamp studies?
7. Do athletes and practitioners use the vitamins without payment for their endorsement?
8. Are all raw materials pure & controlled-- No pesticides, fungicides, hebicides or heavy metals?
9. Is a 100% money back guarantee offered?
10. Do the representatives of the company know anything about wellness issues, and can they offer you a FREE wellness consultation?

You have the right to call or email any company and find out this information. One scary thing I found out is that supplements are NOT regulated by the FDA. If we aren't using a reputable company's vitamins, what exactly are we putting into our systems?


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You're welcome. I really appreciate your feedback.
What I like about Shaklee is they have actually had laboratories test their products (not just Shaklee testing them-3rd party labs in addition to Shaklee) to make sure what they say is in the contents is actually in the contents. They also test them for effectiveness. These studies have been published in medical peer reviewed journals (not advertising journals-those are paid for by the companies themselves-so they can say whatever the company wants them to) so it's not just hype.Shaklee has gone above and beyond the FDA and has done that since 1956 when they started out. Shaklee is actually setting the standard for other companies (not the FDA).
So the reason why I would only use Shaklee is because I never have to worry about whether the products are safe, effective, or have what the bottle says it does.
My proof is that my health has improved significantly since I started. Have a great day!!!

Julie - posted on 07/29/2010




Another note on all supplements: because they are not FDA regulated, they don't have any standards to live up to. The bottle can "say" anything, but the only thing that ensures the amount of product is in a supplement is the company itself. You essentially have to trust that what they say is in the bottle actually IS in the bottle.

It is always better to try to eat a well-balanced diet than rely on supplements, anyhow;) But, if you supplement, a trusted company/product is a must.

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I use Shaklee supplements because I've done my research. I wouldn't even consider any other brand after what I have found out.

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