10 month old who won't eat!

Celine - posted on 03/07/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 10 month old daughter is a REALLY challenging eater. She refuses to eat cut up veggies or fruits, and is only willing to eat carbs--rice puffs, bread, cereal bars, pasta, etc. She wants to eat w/the rest of the family, but yet will not eat the food I put on her tray in front of her. She will eat ~5 bites of yogurt or other puree-type baby food and then refuses any more. I am tired of throwing away food and feeling like I need to empty out the refrigeratory for every meal trying to find something she will eat. She has no teeth and is using a sippy cup. Any ideas?


Louise - posted on 03/08/2011




Maybe your daughter has very sore gums and does not want to eat because of the irratation. Make sure her gums have some pain relief on before she eats. Make food times fun and let her have a spoon distract her and feed her at the same time. My daughter was the same and would go days with hardly eatting anything and then she would have a day of eatting everything until she reverted back to not eatting again. As long as your daughter is growing and gaining weight she is getting enough nutrition. Try and blitz some veggies down and place in the sauce for the pasta at least this way she will be getting her vitamins. Also there is a multivitamin for children this age called ABIDEC which comes in liquid form and can be dropped into her juice.

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