12 month old won't take milk in a sippy cup

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I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how I can get my 12 month old to drink milk from a sippy cup. I breastfed him until 8 months and used a bottle ever since without a problem. He has been drinking water from a sippy cup since he is 6 months without a problem but won't take milk or any other type of liquids such as juice, V8, etc. I tried different types of cups but no success.

He also only wants to drink water with meals. He is not interested in drinking milk with his meals at this time. He usually gets his milk about 45-60 minutes after his meal (30 minutes prior to his naps) and will drink 6-8 oz. My concern with the sippy cup and not drinking milk with his meal is that he will be starting daycare and he won't be able to have his bottle 30-60 minutes after his meal and I am not sure if they will allow him to drink milk from a bottle. If they allow this, it probably will only be temporary.

Any suggestions are welcome.


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My son was 2 before he would take milk in a cup, now he drank everything from the sippy but the milk. I would only allow the bottle at nap and bed time.

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I couldn't get my DD, Reagan, to take a cuppy either when she was a year old, so I got some of that Horizon Organic Strawberry milk and put that into it, and she drank it right down, and hasn't gone back to a bottle since.

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My son is 16 months old and prefers his milk from a bottle when he's at home. If he hasn't just woken up, I try to give him his milk from a sippy cup and am usually successful. If he's just woken up or is upset, it's back to the bottle and I don't push it since I know he'll make the transition to sippy eventually. My son started daycare when he turned 1, and I have never sent a bottle (i.e. a bottle with a nipple) with him. For the first couple of months, he would drink his milk from a bottle with a straw and water from a sippy cup, but I felt that was getting messy becaue when the milk got warm, it would come up the straw. I finally bought a Gerber sippy cup which he seems to really like and I started sending his water in the bottle with the straw and he now uses the sippy cup for milk. That transition took a couple of months.

So, you may want to try a bottle with a straw to see if that might work. I think my son preferred it at first because he could drink the milk faster and he didn't quite have the mechanics down of tipping the sippy cup to get more. He's an expert at it now, though, and I think it's good that he knows that he doesn't get a baby bottle at daycare. That said, I don't think your provider should be against using baby bottles if you send one with your son. It's not any more or less trouble than a sippy cup if your son can hold it himself.

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