13 month old not falling asleep in bed

Jonna - posted on 04/10/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




So when its time for bed my little one and I lay in our bed until she falls asleep then I lay her in the crib. How do I get her use to falling asleep in her crib? So far, the only answer I have gotten is to let her cry in the crib until she falls asleep. I hate that and my husband refuses to let me do it. I need help!


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Erin - posted on 12/31/2010




It's really hard to let them cry it out but I had to let my son cry it out at one point. My son has always been a good sleeper but he went through a faze where he would not go to bed and wanted to sleep with my husband and I. He cried and kept getting up I just kept putting him back without saying a word (while he cried) 1st night it took 5 min the next night 2 min by third night he knew I meant business and has been good since.
He was testing me and I knew it! He was tired because he just stopped napping and he started falling asleep at the end of dinner. I'm not always a fan of crying it out. In my case I knew he was testing me because he kept saying "I want to sleep in mommy's bed" and I was not having it.
What I would do is get a bedtime routine going if you don't already have one, You could even read her a story in your bed right before putting her in her own bed. And just try letting her cry for like 10 min. If she's still crying after that go in give he another 5 and keep doing that. I wouldn't let her cry for more than 30 min then go in and let her lay with you in your bed for up for 5 min let her know she can lay down with you for a little bit but she's going back to bed. After a few nights I think she will go in her own bed just fine. The bottom line is she wants to go in your bed and she needs to learn to get to sleep on her own. If she's tired she will sleep. But I wouldn't let her cry for hrs.

Lora - posted on 12/30/2010




i'm so sorry momma. it's hard for sure! i agree with the previous post. if your husband won't let you have baby cry it out then let him take care of it. because truthfully until baby learns to sleep in the crib it will be hard. both my children cried it out. it won't hurt them (other people may tell you different). as long as you make sure they are changed, been loved on, not hurting or sick, or not hungry then it's just a matter of them being tired and needing sleep. it will be hard for the first week or so. have a night time routine and follow it. as you go through the routine and lay baby down, baby will get used to it. routine and consistency is everything. to me it's just a matter of changing your routine. you can do it! it will take time. :)

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your husband wont let u do something for ur baby that will make anyones life easier. then give him the baby and u go to sleep. lol. u should get her ready for bed and then put her in it, let her cry 10 min, go check on her, wipe her face and leave her again, this is what i did ,and my son at 7 months started sleeping from 8 pm until 8 am

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