13 month old sleeping... (**or not sleeping**)

Tanya - posted on 12/17/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




so i need help, my son is 13 months on the 20th, and he has always been a troubled sleeper. never has slept thru the night (except once or twice when i forgot to turn the monitor on! ooops). he has been doing better only waking once... but for the last week or so we are back to waking 4, 5, 6 or more times a night!!! omg! im so exhausted! he has been in a 'big boy bed' since he was about 8 months old. and has always slept so much better in this bed opposed to his crib. so i am thinking of putting the crib back up, so he cant get out of bed and run around... maybe it will be easier to get himself back to sleep. so i guess my question is... is anyone else having (or had) this problem and what are you doing to fix it (or how did you fix it)???? i am really uncomfortable with the cry it out method, but right now i am willing to try almost anything!! Please help this momma get some sleeeep!!!!
Thanks everyone!


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I would definitely put him back in the crib if he doesn't mind it. I'm keeping my 14 month old in his crib as long as I can because it's safer and he doesn't mind playing quietly for 10-20 minutes when he first wakes up. Also, if he wakes up for a few minutes in the middle of the night, he doesn't come running for me... he might stand up and cry for a little while but then he falls right back asleep. I can't imagine such a young baby in a toddler bed, it should help you a lot to get him back in a crib!

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Babies and toddlers are physiologically made to sleep in REM throughout the night in order for brain reparation. All day long they are bombarded with a million new sensations, pictures, words, motions, sounds, movements, etc etc etc etc. During naps they are so PHYSICALLY exhausted so they sleep in DEEP sleep. At night though, their brain puts their body in REM or light sleep. That is the only sleep in which their brains can repair, sort out new information and build new cells. Any noise, even their own breathing, can wake them from this. It's unfortunate but it is how they develop!

Also, babies are more comfortable with mom and or dad because during the day you give them comfort and reassurance. At night, alone in their crib, they don't get that which is why it is so difficult for them to get back to sleep after the inevitable waking. My husband and our son share a bed at night, it's their time to bond, snuggle etc as I am home all day with him. This way, I get a good nights sleep and daddy and baby spend much needed time together (even if they're just sleeping!).

Remember, it won't last forever and you're DEFINITELY not alone!

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