14 Month old waking for bottle 2 times a night.

Kelly - posted on 11/17/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son has just started waking in the night about a month or so ago for a bottle 1-2 times a night. He gladly feeds himself this and goes back to sleep but surely he doesnt need this feed anymore and I know I def need the sleep

Any ideas what I can do to change this habit?

Many Thanks

Kelly x


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Linda - posted on 11/17/2010




my son does the same thing hes 2 years old but stopping because i give him a glass of milk before he goes to sleep uses the potty and then goes to bed

Christine - posted on 11/17/2010




I would also suggest giving him a snack right before bed. I usually give my 16 month old son a cup of milk and a snack to keep him full.

I found this when I was looking for good bedtime snacks for my son:
Bedtime snacks should be high in complex carbohydrates, they should be small, and they should be nutritious. (Complex carbohydrates have a calming effect due to their ability to stimulate the production of serotonin in the brain.)
With these guidelines in mind, a few good snacks that come to mind are a warm cup of milk with any of the following: whole grain crackers, toast with butter or peanut butter, banana, cubes of baked potato or sweet potato, dry cereal, mini muffin, cold pasta, rice cakes, pear chunks, apple slices, apple sauce, leftover rice or other grain from dinner, small piece of a bagel, leftover pancakes spread with a little fruit sweetened jam, etc.

I would suggest trying to cut out the night time feeding. If he's drinking milk in the middle of the night and going right back to sleep, his teeth could start to rot due to the milk sitting in his mouth and breaking down his teeth. I would try just giving him water and he may not be as interested in waking up if he knows he's just going to get some water. Also, have you thought about switching from bottles to sippy cups? The transition may help with your problem. Most doctors and dentists recommend that babies stop using bottles at 12 months old because it can harm their teeth and overall oral development.

I hope you find a solution that works for you! Good luck :)

September - posted on 11/17/2010




It sounds like he's growing and does need the feed. I would do what Aicha said and offer a snack before bed. Like a bowl of oatmeal or some sort of carbohydrate. Good luck!

Aicha - posted on 11/17/2010




try giving him a snack before you put him to bed he could be going through a growth spurt

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