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My son is almost 16 months, and he is not sleeping through the night. He wakes up anywhere from 1-4 times a night (bed time at 7:30 and wakes up anywhere from 5am, to 7am) I'm just wondering if he will eventually sleep through the night, or if we should be doing more to get him to sleep through?


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I think children don't sleep 12 hours at a stretch. i was advised once it is unhealthy too. i would suggest he sleep a little later after some play time. I was also advised not to give the child anything to drink just prior to bed time, which may make him feel full and uncomfortable.

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Hi there - bet you are tired. My 16 month wakes up through the night too - although she is starting to get better. Most the time it can be put down to a cold, or teething etc. I do know that with my first child I would leave her to resettle herself - it worked well. I would only go in if she was really upset - I wouldn't pick her up or talk to her - I would just lay her down and make sure she was comfy. With my 2nd child I haven't done this yet as she is really quiet stubborn - I was beginning to wonder what to do - but as I have said she is getting better by herself. So you could just leave him to resettle or wait it out - depends how you feel about it. :-) Good luck. P.s it did help to give my daughter a sandwich, a drink and make sure she had a dry nappy and was at right temp. so I could count all those factors out.

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