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My 16 month old daughter won't stop climbing on the furniture!!! I have tried everything and nothing is working. The other night this resulted in a trip to the ER when she put her Foam Tinkerbell toddler chair on the loveseat, sat down and flipped onto the floor!!! She started to cry, I swooped her up and she was gasping for air (from her scream). She went limp... I gently shook her while my frantic voice was saying "Breathe BREATHE baby breathe!" She woke up shaking and crying again, and went limp again... I gave her a gentle shake and kept asking her to breathe... Nothing. I started to lose composure and ran to my 17 year olds room to have her call 911. As I ran with her she woke up. We took her right to the ER and the Doctor and I agreed she was not injured, but scared to the point where she lost her breathe and passed out. Mind you, she had been in her chair on the floor with her blanket on watching a sleepy time movie, and was asleep when I left the room for just a minute or two. This is scary beyond belief. And I don't know what to do. She climbs EVERYTHING. And there is no way to stop her if I am not right there literally on her monkey butt. This has went on for about 3 weeks now. If I put her in her play pen, she climbs out, and all over everything. UGH I wish it was legal to use duct tape ;o) just kidding. But what else can I do? I am going to start taking her to the bathroom with me when I go so she gets the idea of going potty like a big girl and we will practice using the potty chair. So that is a plus. But if I have to leave the room to do anything else, or look away for just a few seconds??? HELP?????


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try giving her options of good things to climb. like the couch, and like the other mom said, lining the area with pillows. by directing her energy you might have better luck. explain to her what she CAN climb, and what is not for climbing. whenever she tries to climb something she shouldn't, say, "I see you want to climb, lets go climb our fun couch! this chair is not safe for climbing" and redirect her. if she throws a fit, well too bad for her. this is just limit setting.

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I totally understand your fears about climbing! I posted something very similar to this when my son was 15 months old. I think it's great that our babies are so active and adventurous but it definitely comes with some risk.

My husband and I have to put all of our kitchen chairs in a room when they are not in use because my little one will climb on top of the table and dance around! Before he learned how to safely get down from the couch, we lined the perimeter with blankets and pillows.

I will tell you that this stage will pass! She will become more agile and be able to get down without getting hurt within a couple months. I had to remember to let my son explore and learn things himself as long as I felt he was safe. Having pillows and blankets lining the couch is a good way to do this. I taught my son to get down backwards; it seemed to be easier for him and that's how I'm teaching him to go down stairs as well (not bumping on his bottom, but crawling down backwards).

Good luck to you and remember to not feel guilty about your daughter falling... every baby has at least 1 fall and it is rarely the parents' fault!

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