17 months old and has a horrible case of seperation anxiety.....

Crystal - posted on 09/16/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I need help moms...my daughter is 17 months old. She had a great schedule and stuck to it like clock work. She laid down at 10:45 for a nap and would go to bed at 8:00 sharp every night. I would take her to bed and tuck her in. Tell her Good Night, I love you, I'll see you when you get up and would walk out of the room and shut the door. She's done this routine since she was 2 months old. 3 weeks ago, her daddy had to leave to go out of town (not uncommon during the week) at 12 on a Sunday afternoon. When he left she was napping. That Monday is when it all started. She will not let me out of her sight! She screams if I try to lay her down and turn to walk out of the room and shut the door. So now when she goes to sleep I have to sit in the floor by the door with it open until she falls asleep, which could be an hour wait. She's also been getting up at 3 every night. Sometimes you can lay down with her in her bed for about 15 minutes until she falls asleep or just put her in our bed so I could just get an extra hour of sleep. This is my second daughter and I did not have any seperation problems with her. Do any of ya'll have any advice that could solve this problem????


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Samantha - posted on 10/03/2010




My daughter is exactly the same mate, i know the feeling. My partner recently started a new job after being unemployed for over 2 years and she was used to us both being there to say goodnight to her and now he leaves at 6 in the morning and gets home at 8 30 at night and she barely sees him but i put a picture of him next to her bed and tell her that daddy comes home and gives her kisses when she's sleeping and she sometimes sleeps with one of his shirts cos it smells like his deodorant. good luck!

Dora - posted on 09/16/2010




Just try to be patient and comfort her. It is obvious that she realizes something has changed and just doesn't know how to deal with it. Think about this she went down for a nap and when she woke up suddenly her daddy wasn't home. It really sounds like now she is associating with going to see and possibly mommy isn't going to be around. Hopefully things will change as soon as your hubby gets home.

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