17 months trying to use a toddler bed

Crystal - posted on 10/26/2008 ( 5 moms have responded )




my little one is 17 months any suggestions on how to make the transition from crib to bed??


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Kathleen - posted on 06/13/2009




It may work. Every child is different. Some parents move the child before they're 1yr. I've read the reccomendation is 3 yrs or if you have another child....
ummm then i heard from ER docs and nurses who say they get a lot of baby injures in that they got climbing out of their crib. My 1yr old tried that, that was it...no more...i took off the crib railing last night and put the toddler rail. he slept fine....all night and got up this morning and came to the door where i had a baby gate up and he called mamammamamama and i came and got him :D he let himself down from the bed too no crying. He even slept in the bed for his nap....
I agree though, using the same pillows and blankets they used, or get them excited by buying them a new sheet set that they like. I just got my son a WoW WoW Wubbzy set cause he loves Wubzzy :D

My niece is almost 3 and she just was transitioned from the crib, so just gotta figure out if your child is ready to move :D try it out. some parents i know buy a toddler bed or put an extra bed (twin or full) in the room. Let them sleep in the "big" bed for naps and at night in the crib to get them accustomed to it.

Lisa - posted on 10/27/2008




My son was just about two and we did not the norm. We had the bed set up with him still using the crib but he refused to use the bed so we just took down the crib. He came home one day and the crib was gone. Daddy had the day off that day and when I picked him up from daycare I told him that Daddy had a surprise for us. When we got home his room was different. He didn't fuss.... He liked that fact that we starting calling him a big boy.

Laura - posted on 10/26/2008




i made sure that they my little one had his bed up even while still in his cot so he could play in his bed. I also used his pillow in his cot and blanket that i they put the same ones in his bed when he went into it.

Michelle - posted on 10/26/2008




We always bought something for my childrens new bed. Like a set of sheets or a blanket or even a pillowcase that has something they like on it. Like Dora or Cars or whinnie the pooh. It worked everytime. they were so excited to sleep with their new blankets they got right in to bed. But I did have a rule they could only have them in their big girl bed.

Tara - posted on 10/26/2008




I tried this with my first because she was climbing out of her crib. It was not very successful. I ended up having to use a crib tent until she was a little more ready. I had baby number 2 and now she is 3 and in the toddler bed. Good luck it isn't fun when they are crying and fighting you...

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