17 mths old throwing cup

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My daughter is a week away from being 17 months old. Almost every time when she drinks from her sippy or other cup she throws it. When she sits in her highchair she often looks at me than throws it and gives me a dirty grin, because she knows exactly that she is not suppose to do that. I tried different things...showed her how to put it down nicely, gave a clap on her hands, strict voice .... nothing seems to stop her from doing so.
Did anybody have the same problem?


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I have taken care of children that did that. I mainly ignored it besides telling them it wasn't nice to do. I use the word nice a lot with kids during the day so that they can get an idea of the meaning, and it helps curve their behaviors after they see something "not nice" that they didn't like happening. There are straps that you can buy to put on the cup, and then connect it to the chair ect. You can find them at Wal-Greens, CVS, ect. They are relatively cheep too, they help take the sting and excitement from througing a cup. Kids often enjoy seeing the cup hit the floor, knowing they made it do that is funny to them. So when it wont fall to the floor they don't get rewarded for throwing it. Also our reactions to them throwing things causes the behavior to continue, but when it doesn't fall to the floor with the strap on it, it defuses the situation and the child is no longer relishing over mom's reaction. Also one other thing I sometimes did with kids, was to not give them a cup in the situations they always threw them, after a few months of avoiding the problem, it went away completely. So just do what works best for you and be consistant in your choice and things will smooth out soon.

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