2 1/2 year old not talking

Julie - posted on 09/14/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 2 1/2 old daughter is not talking. Each day that goes by I get more worried. She is in speech therapy 1 day a week for 30 minutes which I do not feel is helping. She refuses to sign. The speech therapist said it is too hard for her and said she isn't going to work on that with her. Our pediatrician says that speech therapy is a waste of time and to not worry until age 3 but I am not waiting. At 18 months we stopped therapy because my husband agreed with the pediatrician but this past May I put my foot down and had her reevaluated at Help Me Grow. She only qualified for speech services. While we are waiting for all the red tape to clear I got a private speech therapist. I haven't seen any results and I am getting more and more frustrated and concerned. She says mama, and dada and bye bye but not everyday. Sometimes she will say amen after the prayer other times she just claps. When a song is on I will sing and she will try to hum or even look in my mouth. The doctor says he isn't really concerned because her receptive communication is fine. He also sai that she is a strong willed child but that is not an excuse. She is loveable, plays near other children at daycare, loves to look at books, climb, dance, enjoys the alphabet, numbers, painting and play-doh but she doesn't talk. She always takes us to what she wants or needs and we try not to give in or if we do we use one would explanation like help, water etc. we are older parents 50 and 45. She was our surprise blessing. She has a 19 year old step brother who is away at college plus she is only home with one parent at a time since we are in different work schedules. She also doesn't have any cousins. Sorry for the long post. I am at a loss as to what to do.


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One of my uncles did not start talking till he was three and became a high powered lawyer with plenty to say!

However, you should talk to her as much as you can to help her. The best way is to keep telling her what you are doing, describe things you see, point things out to her and read her lots and lots.

Reading is very important for speech development. You can say "bus" every time you see a bus and that is great, but in a book the bus is always there and can be looked at and labelled whenever you read the book. It reinforces the concept and allows for practise.

Also, do not give up on the speech therapy!

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i have two kids 10 and 9months with mmy son he started that but i didnt let him just show mw what he wanted he had to try at least tell me what it was but i didnt give in cause if u tell the kid all the time hey thats a apple u want a apple and she shanks her head ur not making her tell u what it is and shes not to yong for signing they teach 9month babys to sign but with signing ur not making then talk if u use signing u have to use talk or they just will not talk,, to me theres a lot of parents have this same problem cause they dont make the kids tell them ,, my son grow to learn fast at one he spoke 2 twos like tank you yes plzzz and was able to sat 10 other words to me its able repetition if she can bring you to it she knows what it is and speech therapy wont really help unless she has a mental disorder like downsidrome i say keep trying dont give in she knows u will even if its food make her tell you the name give it to her if she trys and if she says if clap say yyyaaaa u you know i think its just the giving in


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I was in the same boat get her hearing checked ..
That was what ended up being. Wrong with my. Son .
And you use sign language for everything but still talk to her like
Normal. Screw the Dr. Your her mother! If I listened to my. Dr we still
Wouldn't know. What was wrong with my son. And I switched Dr's.

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I hope I am right. She does not seem to have a problem. I have seen kids her age hardly saying any words then they grow up to speak very well. My youngest son spoke a few words at 18 months. Now he is 2 1/2 and he doesn't stop talking. She is already saying a few words so that's good news. I bet when she starts talking it will be non stop :) Best wishes for her.

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