2.5 yr old daughter throws fits every 10 min. Normal, or cause for concern?

Sheila - posted on 03/14/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




My 2.5 yr old recently started a new 'stage" in her life where she throws the BIGGEST fits sometimes for no reason at all, or if someone tells her no, or takes something from her. But its not just a tiny fit. She screams bloody murder forever. She refuses to let anyone communicate to her or explain to her, she will hit, throw herself down on the floor, and cry and cry. I try to pick her up and set her in her bed until she calms down, but she will go limp, and become impossible to handle. One day I was actually washing dishes, and she got frustrated with something, and just started freaking out, and i panicked so horribly i dropped the glass and it broke in the sink, and i ran to her to see what happened, and she HIT me, and started screaming even harder. I was so confused because i had NO idea what she was mad about, or what was going on. Is this normal. is there a way to communicate with her? Should i be concerned/.?


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Hi all ... for what its worth, coming from a Grandma ... I remember seeing a short video clip regarding a child who ALWAYS 'had a fit' when he wanted something - even when out shopping with mom - and finally the mom got really sick and tired of this and one day, while out at the shops, mom "threw a fit" and created a scene shouting that she wanted .................. and lay down on the floor and kicked and shouted! (hehehe the public's reaction was one of amazement!!) When done, she just calmly got up, and walked her son out of the store! The expression on her son's face while she was 'creating' was of utter shock and was priceless!!!! Seeing HIS reaction while she was "having a fit" was amazing - and he really didnt know what to do with the situation! I doubt he would do that to her again, especially in public! Now, I'm not suggesting that you do this in a store (I definitely would need a lot of courage to do that! hahaha) however, what about trying this at home where you could really 'create'. In my mind, anything is worth a try! I had two incredibly easy children to deal with and found that just "THE look" did the trick for me especially when we were out in public. Regarding putting your child into their room as 'punishment', I really dont agree with that as this is where they would normally sleep and play! Rather use a "boring room" (if you HAVE to use a room) - where there is nothing to play with. One does not want to cause conflicting emotions for a bedroom which is normally a 'secure' room.

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My 2 and a half year old son is the same. Drops to the floor instantly if told off or can't work something out. He has started hitting me also if he doesn't like what I am telling him. I put it down to growing independence and just being a titchy toddler. I'm lucky that my son is easily entertained though otherwise I think I would struggle more :) Hope it all works out for you :)

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My son was like that at 2.5 as well. Try to focus on how her communication is with you . How well does she speak. How big is her vocabulary, and can she communicate her wants, needs and feelings to you. Most times children tantrum when they don't know who to express ther feelings. In my sons case he has excessive speech delay due to Autism. So the fits were due to frustration, because of his lack of verbalization. Please Don't freak out and think your daughter has anything wrong with her. Thats the last thing I want you to do. But having to deal with the things my son has gone through has made me quite aware of the frustration kids can feel when they can't get their point across to you. If you have any concerns i'm sure your pediatrition will gladly answer any questions for you to put your mind at ease.

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hi there...i have issues with my 2.5daughter as well.she has adopted a new behavior lately,and i'm lost!she would find reasons to cry and throw fits,and it would be nonstop with stomping her feet,and boy does she have some stron vocals...also,since she has a lil brother,she's so mean to him,saying 'no' all the time,and pushing him away when he wants to play with her or gets annoyed when brother is happy,yanks away toys from him-all this frustrates me and makes me sad bse i dont know what to do. So you're not alone,i hope this too shall pass and is just a phase or as they call it 'terrible twos'...my solution has been putting her in her room until she calms down!!!

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It really sounds like she is bored. She might have hit you because she was mad that you stopped paying attention to her to go wash dishes. My son gets this way when he doesn't get enough time to play outside, OR an activity he is doing is too hard for him.

Alisha - posted on 03/14/2010




Well im not sure its somethignt o be concerned about. My oldest was so easy to handle for the most part (every child as moments) she is almost 4 now and well she can have her days but over not to bad. On the other hand my youngest daughter is almost 2.5 yrs and WOW she can be handful. She has fits over the same reasons as ur lil girl. is impossible to handle as well but u need to remove her and place her in her room. I was tryin time outs with mine as it worked wiht my oldest but every child is different. I just watched supernanny and the mom was havign the same problem. super nanny said to place the child int he room for a cool down. when they are done then they can come out but you need to let them know why they were placed there. I have tried this for 2 days now and its helping out. I wish you luck and NO ur NOT ALONE!!! take care

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