2.5 yr. old son, wakes from night terrors??

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we moved into my parents for a bout half a year, 1 room, son started getting use to sleeping eith us, b4 that, was sleeping in own bed, own room, trying to get him in his own bed for 4 months now. recently 4 weeks ago, he wakes up in middle of night, sits up and screams bloody murder for a hour straight, nothing can stop him, he walks out to tv room, sits on the couch and passes out with mommy or daddy. what is it? or what can i do?


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Kelly - posted on 11/16/2009




While I haven't experienced this myself with my son (at least not to this extent and I hope I never do), from reading I have done for my work, I'm not convinced that what your describing are night terrors. You may want to do a little research into this yourself, but it is my understanding that when a child is experiencing night terrors that they will actually scream (and possibly even stand up) in their sleep. But as with sleep walkers they will actually not have any conscious memory of this. And as they are still asleep and do not wake up, the will still be refreshed in the morning unlike a child who is having disrupted sleep from nightmares. As such if a child is having true night terrors (which doctors can diagnose) it is recommended against waking them up.

Certainly though, I'm not an expert in this area but thought this information may be a useful starting point for your own research as it may make a big difference in regards to helping your son.

Jenny - posted on 11/15/2009




My son went through it too at about that age. He would scream like I had never heard before. I would go running in and find him shaking, sweating, scared and confused. He grew out of it about 3 as well. Now he has nightmares, but nothing like it was. If it's just a case of him not wanting to sleep alone I know my son loves his cd or crashing waves. It really relaxes and comforts him. We just let it play on repeat all night. Good luck to you.

Karrie - posted on 11/15/2009




My daughter gets these and wakes up screaming. I have found with her that if I first go in the room and softly say her name to her and turn on the light, then I pick her up and rub on her back and tell her that its ok, this usually calms her down and I can put her right back to bed, she has been having them off and on since she was about a year old and she just turned two. Though it may not be night terrors it could be growing pains like jennifer said.

Jennifer - posted on 11/15/2009




At about 2.5 was when my son went through a bout of night terrors. We'd go in and turn on every light, take him out of bed and try to wake him up. Didn't really work but he did eventually snap out of it and then go right back to sleep. He just sort of grew out of them around three years old. He also would get (still gets) bad leg cramps or growing pains. I could tell the differance though because if I massaged his legs then he calmed down. Don't know if this helps, but we were told it is developmental and not to worry about it...doesn't make it any eaisier when it's happing though.

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