2 months till new baby comes...any advice on going from crib to toddler bed


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Liz - posted on 08/29/2009




If you're moving him to a toddler bed because you need the crib you should move him asap... I agree with the other moms, if you wait until the baby comes he will think that the baby is taking it away from him, and having a new baby to compete with is going to be tough enough for him. It may also take a few weeks for him to adjust (my daughter loved to get out of bed to read books to her stuffed animals at all hours of the night)

Stacy - posted on 08/29/2009




Make sure that he know the bed is his in no one else, get him a bed set with what ever cartoon charter he likes (my son loves Blues Clues).Also reading a bed time story and staying with him til he falls to sleep is how I got my son.

Jaclyn - posted on 08/28/2009




I got my daughter dora bedding for her bed so she would be excited to use her new big girl bed. Took a few days for her to get used to it, so I would let her fall asleep in her crib and then move her to the bed while she was sleeping, that way she woke up in it and it only took about 3 days for her to fall asleep in it as well.

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Our son loves cars so he picked out a cars bed. The main problem though, is that he is now free to roam. So you may have to get used to visits in the middle of the night as well as an earlier start to the morning. When you do move the crib into babies room, be sure to not use the same bedding so it looks different, at least, otherwise he'll recognize it and you may have a big problem.

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We let our son pick out a new bed online and ordered it... He also helped put his bed together. By this time we had transitioned his crib to a toddler bed so that was not an issue. We bought him his new bed well before the baby came that way he would get used to his new BIG BOY BED and not think that the baby took away his crib/bed, this was probably 4-5 mos ago, baby comes in a few weeks. I've yet to change his crib back to a crib so he thinks he has 2 beds, but stuffed animals currently reside in the crib and he only ever naps in his bed and sleeps w/us @ bed time. He has not slept in the crib since he got his new bed. So I guess I would recommend you have him help pick out a new bed and if it needs to be put together let him help and do it SOON! You want him used to his new bed before the baby comes so he doesn't think that the baby stole his bed! Maybe take the crib apart and put it back together when the baby comes if they are sharing a room?

Krista - posted on 08/28/2009




One thing I know is that if you try to force your older child out of HIS/HER crib because you want to use it for the new baby.....it's not going to go so well. Once that baby comes he/she is ALREADY going to be jealous. If you take away something that belongs to them on top of that.....get ready for a fight. If your older child is showing no signs of being ready for a toddler bed ie: climbing out.... I wouldn't force it.

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