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I'm not sure whether or not to be concerned but my 27 month old doesn't speak very clearly. I can understand about 85% of what he says but he seems to struggle with strong consonant sounds at the beginning of his words. For example: for the longest time "No" was just "o" he only recently started putting the 'n' in front of it. He also says things like "chool bu" for school bus. He says tons of words i'd say around the 400 mark. He learns about 4-5 new words a day. He forms 4-5 word sentences, knows his ABCs and counts to ten (but misses one and seven). He has excellent hearing as well and would wake up if the floor creeked outside his room. I've always repeated his words and sentences back to him. Any other suggestions?


Corinne - posted on 10/21/2010




I wouldn't be overly worried honey. I take my 26 month old to play groups and there are always kids that are 'behind' or 'really bright', your child will grow at his own pace and it sounds like he's doing pretty well as he is! Just be consistant and talk to him constantly about what he is seeing and hearing and doing.....If my son mis-pronounces something, I repeat his sentence as he should have said it, sometimes he says it right back other times...? If you're still worried, ask to see a speech therapist, even if it's just for reassurance. :)

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