2 year old started potty trianing?

Sheena - posted on 05/14/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




ewell my daughter is not quiet 2 yet she will be in june and has shown intrest in the potty and has gone potty 6 times now. I am just looking for some tips and hints to help with the trianing. We are young parents and really dont know much about it.


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ALEXIA - posted on 05/16/2010




my daughter was using the potty when she was about 18 months...she was fully potty trained by 2 and that was even with my son being born. she even wakes at night to potty. now shes 3 and since last year when she became potty trained she has probably had 3 accidents because she tried to hold it! your daughter will be fine! just keep letting her tell you when she has to go and if its been about 3 hrs you should take her to try:)

Kathy - posted on 05/15/2010




ahh we're in the same boat. my dd will be 2 june 25 and she's recently started going on the potty but for a while before she started going, she showed interest. i started by bringing her to the potty with me or whenever i told her that i was going pee, she would ask to come with me and i brought her and told her what i was doing.

then i started asking her if she wanted to pee and i would put her on the toilet just with her pants on so she could get used to it. then i moved from that to asking if she wanted to try without her pants and diaper on and she said yes. then after that, i started asking her every night after bath if she wanted to go pee. every time i put her on the toilet she would mimic me by asking for toilet paper and 'wiping' and every time she came off the toilet, i would praise her and cheer that she did a 'good peepee'.
about a week or 2 ago, she asked to go potty, we took off her diaper and she actually went. it surprised us but we cheered her on. it hasn't been a consistent thing ie. she won't go every time on the potty but whenever she does we always praise her, pee or not.

i think the key is to not rush them. i've read that going potty is a bit scary for toddlers so it's best to let them lead you or at least, be gentle with your encouragement. My DD doesn't want to go poo in the potty yet so we don't rush her with that. i figure she'll poo on her own when she's ready.

Elizabeth - posted on 05/14/2010




There is a book titled "How to Potty Train in a Day". It is full of tips on spotting when your child is ready to start the potty training. Please do not base it on her age but rather her interest. I used this method to train my daughter. I will use this method to train my son when the time comes. It was used on me and all of the children in my extended family. It works. Now, it may take longer than a day (obviously) however it does work. I think you can order this on line for like $5.00. It is worth it.

Rebecca - posted on 05/14/2010




My Mykal started himself as well right after his 2nd b-day...one thig that i've done is made his potty portable...it goes everywhere with him. I allow him to use the potty whenever he wants and don't get angry if he don't go but says he has to...sometimes they think they do but they don't ...patience is a virtue when potty time comes... good luck !!

Sheena - posted on 05/14/2010




well thanks louise but she is the one that started going to the potty herself if we just let her go in her diaper she gets upset and takes her diaper off and sits on the potty we have not done anything to encourage her to go potty by herself yet

Louise - posted on 05/14/2010




Be careful that she is really ready as two years old is very young. At 2 she is just about able to control her bowel and may have trouble with learning how to hold her wee. If you do train her now be prepared to retrain again in a year or so as many children that potty train early revert back to wetting themselves. The ideal age to train is between 2.1/2 to 3. If you can I would wait as I feel she is very young and it can be stressful to both of you if she cannot hold her pee

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