2 year old wetting his bed every night while wearing the diaper.

Ivana - posted on 12/30/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My two year old boy started wetting the bed every night. We are using the night diapers and they don't help. He will wake up every night completely wet. I stopped giving him drink right before night and no change. I have to wash his sheets every day. He will also get cold since he is wet so I have to change him at night too but then it takes me about half an hour to an hour to make him fall asleep again. I noticed that he likes to push his diaper down - not sure why... Do you have any suggestions? thank you!


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Carolyn - posted on 01/02/2011




I have the same problem ever night. I think it's because he's sleeping on his stomach but I can't really change that, so...

Amy - posted on 01/02/2011




My son pushes his diaper down too. We had to get the pjs that zip all the way up. Maybe boys naturally want access to their pieces. lol. But, if he has pull ups, maybe get regular diapers that are a bit bigger so you can pull the tabs tighter so he can't as easily tug it down. pull ups are pretty loose if I recall correctly.

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I don't think it's usual for a 2 year old to be wetting at night. I would also try a different diaper plus one-piece pajamas (so he has a harder time pushing his diaper down).

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My son didn't stay dry at night until he was 3. I bought a waterproof mattress pad for his bed and he wore night time pull ups which worked well. I think they are called Overnights. If your son is soaking through his night diapers then I would try another brand. Some aren't as absorbent as others. I would also sit him on the potty before going to bed and get him accustomed to emptying his bladder. If he is pushing his diaper down then he is probably mimicking pushing underwear down. Is he potty training during the day?

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Hi Ivana, have you tried getting a waterproof matress cover? I bought one and it has helped with the 'leaks and cleanups'. Also, could it be that your child is pulling his diaper down because he has outgrown the size? Maybe it's not comfortable anylonger and this could also be why the urine passes through. Go on to the next diaper size and see if this helps. Also,do you think that having your son go to the toilet before he sleeps will help? I don't know if he is potty trained during the day...maybe he would like to try night time training and this is why he tugs at his diaper...to get it off. I don't know if this has helped or not but we went up a diaper size and the 'leaking' stopped for us. Try buying a bigger size, you have nothing to lose.

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