2 yr old won't stay in crib or room!! Help

Judith - posted on 01/19/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




My daughter has began climbing out of the crib (we're setting up the toddler bed tomorrow). She climbs gates and unlocks doors. She WILL NOT lay down w/ us and fall asleep, she has never done it. She's not the type to finally keel over and sleep, she'll just keep going. We're at our wits end....


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Ashley - posted on 01/21/2011




Lindsay is right it works but i also did the crying out in his crib so when i transfered him into a bed i did the back and forth thing the worst part was when he would wake up at 3 am and i have to work in the morning so it can be tricky but my son likes his door open i leave it open if he stays in bed if he gets up it gets closed and he can try again tmrw.

Lindsay - posted on 01/21/2011




It may take a week or so, but I had to do this with my son who is now 3. He would not stay in bed and would scream if I put up a gate or closed his door. Obviously, those don't stop her so just leave them off. It sounds tricky, but don't give her any choices about when to go to bed. If she likes a bath, give her a bath, then dress for bed, you can even ask if she'd like a massage (helps a lot with relaxing), then give her a choice between 2 books, and tell her it's bedtime and leave or sit with for a few. This is the tough part...everytime she gets out of bed, calmly, without any words, put her back in bed. You do it a million times the first night, but if you hang in there, she will eventually get the point. It's a hard road, I know. Good luck!!!

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They make super tall baby gates... Get a gate for her door. The tall ones are expensive, but best thing. if you can just keep her in her room, then she is fine as long as their isn't things in there that could hurt her. She can fall asleep on the floor, if she wants. I get the never wanting to go to bed thing it is really hard to deal with. I hope this does not sound mean, but my son cries and cries sometimes, or just NEVER stops grabbing and getting into stuff. So I will put him in his pack n play for an hour or so, put my Mp3 player on and jam out. Yes, he screams his butt off, but I do need to have some life and get things done. I used to wait to do everything until after he went to sleep, but then I got no sleep. If she is keeping you up with the crying or screaming, Put on a radio in your room to drown it out some.
I have a really hard time with this especially because he shares a room with his big brother, and his screaming will eventually wake him up. So I have had him sleep in the pack n play in our living room.

Louise - posted on 01/20/2011




Put a baby gate on her bedroom door and remove everything in her room that she can use as a step to get over it. Putting her in a toddler bed is a good idea so that she does not fall and hurt herself. To climb is a natural instinct so try and wear her out during the day by going to soft play areas so that she can climb and expel some of that energy. Good luck

Jelica - posted on 01/19/2011




Have you tried reading her a story and then kissing her goodnight, do you keep a nightlight on for her? I know it is different for me as my daughter is only 11 and a half months but I have just persisted with her telling her to lay down and go to sleep and when she gets up I leave the room then when I go back in I sit down beside the cot and do the same and she sometimes falls to sleep when I massage her feet or back or rub her.

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