20 mo needing to be rocked to sleep again

Jessica - posted on 08/09/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 20 month old daughter needs to be rocked to sleep again. Rocking has always been a part of her bedtime routine as a time to wind down and when she was younger she was rocked to sleep but we passed that stage a while back and she was going down well on her own after some rocking and singing...kiss and hugs and good night after putting her down awake she was falling asleep after about 10 minutes in her crib alone. Now for the past 6 weeks or so she has been needing to be rocked into full sleep every night and nap and in addition a few nights a week she wakes with what seems like night terrors (she does not seem aware of our presence and we can't comfort her). I enjoy rocking her as part of her routine but I would like to get back to the place where she can fall asleep on her own again.
We have tried letting her cry but that has not worked for us for a variety of reasons (makes us uncomfortable, we live in an apartment, she gets so worked up from the crying that she makes herself sick). So I am not looking for a solution that involves letting her CIO (I know these methods work for some so I am not saying anything against them but it's just not for us) ... something more gentle for her and for us. Any thoughts, similar stories.


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Karen - posted on 08/09/2010




Enjoy the cuddles, do what your kid needs to get a good sleep and trust your instincts. Don't worry, she'll grow out of it again. Sleep regressions are normal.

Catina - posted on 08/09/2010




My daughter is 3 years old and often times just wants to be rocked to sleep still. I actually enjoy this part of bedtime because I realize there will come a time that she won't need this from me anymore... When she wants to go to sleep independently she lets me know and sleeps through the night. I don't agree with the CIO method for my family either but I also don't mind rocking my "little big girl" as she calls herself! Good luck....

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