21 month old sleep issues

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He has always been a great sleeper until a recent vacation where we had no choice but to share a bed with him. Now he refuses to sleep in his own room - the other night we tried to let him cry it out but noticed he was sitting at the door, screaming and banging his head. The next night same thing ... I don''t know what to do. I can't just let him cry it out if he is hurting himself, on top of the fact that his door has glass panes and I'm worried he is going to smash through it and severly hurt himself.

We do follow a bedtime routine where we settle things down by around 7pm, he gets a bath and some cuddle time then we go to bed read a book gives hugs and leave. He has his cuddly toys with him.

Has anyone else had this problem where their child hurts themself for attention or refuses to sleep?


Crystal - posted on 09/16/2010




I'm having the same issues with my 17 m/o daughter. She has a horrible case of seperation anxirty for 3 weeks now. I have to sit ib the floor by the door until she falls asleep and then sneak out. Otherwise she'll stand by the door and scream for hours! I'm still trying to find a solution. But, I just wanted you to know that you aren't alone.

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