21 Not SLEEPING Like She Use Too

Shannon - posted on 03/27/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter who will be 21 months next month(4-5) is runnin us ragged at night...For the past month we have been fightin with her at bedtime...it takes us a few hours to get her to sleep....She screams loudly, cries, kicks and yells....We aren't sure what to do and if this is a phase....Does anyone else have this problem...I know all about the terrible "2's" is this part of that or could somethin else be goin on....We do have an infant in the house hold as well...This may also be part of it, but we do include her in alot of the helpin with her brother....I would like to take some advice before i decide to call the dr....


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Colleen - posted on 04/04/2009




Hi Shanon,

Around about that sgr my son who is 3 now used to do exactly the same thisng and now my daughter who will be 2 in june is doing the same thing. All we did with Corbin and Dana was ignored the tantrum and if they came out of the room on the first time we would take them back to there  bed and say goodnight kiss them and cuddle them and tuck them in  then walk out fif they came out again we would take them back to their bed and kiss them and walk out if they came out againg we would just put tem back to bed an if they continued to come out we would just take them back to bed. You have to perciver and not give on after about 1 week of this constantly they settled dowm and just stay in bed. They are just testing and will try and see what they can get away with. Stick to you guns are dont give on or they have won. Good luck we have a new baby as well who is 6 months old so i understand what you go through.

Meghan - posted on 04/03/2009




With my oldest daughter it took a month or so for her to sleep by herself, or at least until she fell asleep. My husband or I would put her in her bed, give her some milk, and read her a story then turn out the light and would stay in there until she would fall asleep. Gradually we were stay in there less and less each time until she was sleeping after the story. If she gets up in the middle of the night, take her back to her bed and assure her she will be okay. Now my daughter sleeps in her own bed and sometimes falls asleep while I'm reading the book. Sometimes we gave her a bath before going to bed to help her calm down Good luck!!!

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