2yr old daughter with a UTI?

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My 2 yr old daughter has been complaining about her "potty" hurting. She's been peeing a lot more often today but is having trouble getting anything out. I will be taking her in to the dr. But does any one know of anything that will help ease the pain? I've never had one and don't know what to do.


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I used to get them a lot when I was about 2 up until I turned 16. That's when I found out I had to change to the feminine soap and not use bubble bath soap. I also had to watch the temperature on the bath too. I don't think I took anything except the antibiotics for them when I was little. Yes, lots of cranberry (or any mix, if she doesn't like the plain cranberry) juice. Watch the sugar on them. If you can get the low sugar, it's better. AZO makes a test strip that you can buy at the drug stores to see if it's really a bladder infection. It would at least give you an idea if you can get a urine sample to test on. They also make an over the counter medicine and prescription form to alleviate the symptoms, but I can't imagine they will give it to a 2 yo. It really does help me when I get them, so ask the doctor if she is able to take it. It turns your urine bright orange/yellow, which can stain, but helps a ton. Good luck! Hopefully it's an isolated one and she won't have these a lot. Change to the Summer's Eve feminine soap too. It can't hurt. Use the fancy, good smelling, fun stuff in small amounts on the upper body and legs only.

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To get rid of a UTI quickly they say to drink lots of Cranberry juice, my niece used to get them often because of bubble baths. If your daughter takes alot of them maybe you should try to cut back on them.


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wish i could help...my daughter had one once but she was only 11 months, it made her have extremely high fevers...so if your daughter starts running one thats what its from

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