3 1/2 yr.old ADHD?Is it possible at this age???

Adrianne - posted on 03/21/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




OK So my lil guy barely has sugar besides apple juice. He is bouncing off the walls all the time even at night, he cant sit still for more then 1 min. I put him to bed at 8pm and doesn't go sleep till 11pm or so...i have tried to punish him but doesn't seem to work. He is a lil rough around other kids like very hyper so they dont wanna play with him..and a few other things im not sure of?!?!??? is it possible or is it just terrible 3s?


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Sarah - posted on 03/22/2011




I wouldnt worry about htat until he is in school and has a hard time doing his work. I grew up an ADD child and my brother was ADD/ADHD and he NEVER sat still in school but could at home. its different for every child. My daughter is the same way, i have found that she just needs more to do in her day. So we practice writting her letters and her name, she alo goes out back to play and we go for walks so she can run.

Theresa - posted on 03/21/2011




It's possible. Talk to your son's doc. However most docs won't diagnos until the child is in school. The behaviors need to be observed in more than one setting. Some children are very hyper at home, but can do just fine at school. Like I said talk to his doc, but you may just have to wait until he starts school to know for sure.

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