3 and a half yr old potty trained girl still has lost of accidents....is it normal?

Jessica - posted on 01/26/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have a 3 and a half yr old daughter who has been day time potty trained of quite some time now. She has always had accidents here and there but over the past couple months they have increased to 3 or more a day. She also has a new little sister who she really loves so I wouldn't think that this would be why she's doing it, but I get so mad at her when she does it, I'll tell her "it you have to go pee, remember to use your potty" and she says 'ok mom' but she still does it anyway. Should I punish her for this? Or should I stay calm about it? I just what to know if this is normal and how I should react to it, I've tried putting her in time out but no matter how many times I put here there she continues to do it just as much. Help please!


ANIA - posted on 01/31/2011




I also have a 3 year old who is potty trained and has been doing great untill her baby brother arived. She loves him as well but when i asked their doctor why is she suddenly having more "accidents" could it be spite, her doc replied "absolutely!". She also said to make sure to continue to be patient and make it fun. This behavior might be a form of jealousy.

Kristin - posted on 01/26/2011




sometimes children relapse with certain things like potty training when a new sibling is born. I think it is a way to get attention, because they were so used of getting all of it. Instead of punishment give her extra praise for going pee on the potty make a big deal about how she is such a big girl I know it's fustrating I went through a similar situation with my daughter I hope this helped


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Heather - posted on 01/31/2011




My daughter is 5 and still has accidents. She can go weeks without any and last week she was having a couple a day. I've stopped getting mad as this has been going on since she was trained at 3. I just tell her to ask me if she needs help and I praise her when she goes. She seems to be trying really hard. I did however tell her she needs to change herself is she has an accident and get her wet clothes to the laundry room.

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