3 Year Old boy pooping and peeing on floor? No accident I may add.

Jessica - posted on 11/02/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My 3 year old just started using the big boy potty in late August of this year, and seems to like to go to the corner when no one is paying any attention, and will pull down pants and big boy undies, and go poop and pee on the carpet. I just don't know what to do. He was traumatized by slipping and falling from running to the potty and taking down his underpants and tripping. I just don't know what to do, and asked his pediatrician today and she just said to not "let him." It's hard enough just trying to teach him not to, does anyone go through the same thing, or am I just crazy...Any Suggestions mommies?


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Put a potty in the corner? Leave his pants off at home (not sure on the climate where you are!) so he's not afraid of tripping on them on the way.


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I am having the same type of experience with my 3yr old son. He isn't potty trained yet, but every time I try to take him th the potty, he says "I'm done", and jumps up and goes out the door. The next thing I know, he's peeing and or pooping on the floor! It is disgusting, and our house smells. My husband and I have tried everything. We put his potty in the living room (which is where he usually does it), but he would sit on it, and get up and go on the floor. I've been fighting this battle for about 6 months now, and I'm at my wits end.

In response to your problem with him being afraid of falling, maybe putting down a bath mat/rug between the door and his potty chair would help. Then, he won't have the fear of slipping and falling, and if he were to fall, it would be a little softer than bare floors. Good luck.

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Get a potty and put it in the room you spend the most time in. Get him to use it instead. Then move the potty to outside the bathroom door and then eventually (if you have room) into the bathroom.

Otherwise it's the game of chance trying to catch him before he starts to go and rush him to the bathroom.
And though I don't like to resort to it, bribing with some form of sticker or reward type thing is also a possible idea.

Good luck!

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That's a good idea about the potty in the corner. I think too, if he keeps going on the carpet, to pick up his poop and take it to the bathroom (with him) and put it in the toilet to show him that that's where it needs to be. And not that giving treats for going to the bathroom is ok, but maybe if you gave him an extra snack or something for going in the bathroom it will make him more apt to go there instead of in the corner.

Jessica - posted on 11/02/2010




Yeah i should try that, we live in orange county so not too humid, not too cold lol Although, he doesnt like the froggy potty we have for him, he likes using the big boy potty..

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