3 year old keeping it in #2 and always have to remind her to go pee, don't think she's ready


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Louise - posted on 04/23/2010




Some children are frightened to poo on a potty have you tried using a seat that fits in the toilet and a step. I used this method for my children and they had no problems with it. Sometimes children do forget to go to the toilet as they have spent so long in nappies having to stop what they are doing to think about the toilet is a new job for them. Reassure your daughter that we all use the toilet and that she is a big girl now. Let her choose the toilet seat they come in all sorts of colours and have disney charactors on. At the end of the day your daughter will do it in her own time so relax you are doing the right thing by reminding her to use the toilet. Hopefully she will relax to and just go and do it naturally. Good luck!

Lady - posted on 04/23/2010




Don't get stressed, she'll do it in her own time, some just take longer than others. Check out the potty training post at the top of toddler home page for some tips.

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