3 year old peeing pants

Michelle - posted on 03/01/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi everyone!

I have a 3 year old boy that potty trained and it has been near a year since he stopped wearing diapers. Dec. we brought home a new baby brother. Here is the problem.

In the last few weeks he has decided that he will poop in the potty but for some reason has quite going pee half the time. He doesn't tell me that he has to go and I ask him to go in; he does. But then when I go to feel his underware it is drenched throught. Never telling me that he had to go...it could have been half an hour after I had him go but he still wets his pants. We were almost to the point where he was even making it through the night without peeing and he gave him prizes and everything but now it's all down hill.

Does anyone have an idea as to why he has decided to start doing this? Could it be because I am breastfeeding the baby and he feels left out? Suggustion please before I to frustrated with him for doing so well for so long!

Thank you,



Gemma - posted on 03/01/2009




He's probably jealous of the time you are spending with his brother and has watched nappy changes etc and has regressed a little. Have you tried a sticker chart ( sticker when he uses potty and once he has x amount of stickers he can have a new toy etc) and re potty training for the wee's?

My neighbour also suggested that when breast feeding you have a special box of toys which only come out when you are feeding for your son to play with, you could also try sticker books and help him with that whilst you are feeding.

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