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Krissy - posted on 04/03/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




my 3 yr old is such a busy body i can not get him to sit for 5 mins to let me teach him the ABC's colors or anything!!!!!!! He is going to be in preschool next year. Any suggestions?


Brandy - posted on 04/04/2011




this is so common, i worked at a preschool and most of the 3 year olds and some of the 4 year olds were clueless when it came to that kind of stuff. one thing you might want to consider when choosing a preschool is what kind of curiculum they use, because some preschools are more like daycare with alot of playtime, the one that i worked at had a list of goals for all of the children, our job was to encourage learning through play without being directly involed at all times because problem solving is an important skill, we looked for things such as if a child is playing with blocks are they separating any by color, size or shape, are they making any type of patterns etc... we would observe how they were playing and make notes, you could try this at home and then maybe choose certain types of toys or items to replace or add to the environment. if you control the environment it will be easier to push your child into a certain direction, lable things for example if there is a red ball get out a marker and write red on it eventually your child will notice all of the red things have the same letters and may take intrest in what thats all about, buy or make a cd to play frequently in the background where children sing abc's etc... while your child is playing this will help him learn the words without realizing it, because 3 yr olds are usually more interested in pretending and active play instead of trying to read a story act one out, make some hats or masks out of paper and you can take turns, you be the big bad wolfe and let him be a pig he can run to different areas of the house its alot of fun, also let him help you make up stories start by saying once upon a time there was a... and let him choose what ever he wants then say and the .... was mad because....and let him fill in the blank, after doing this so many times maybe try writing it down and stapling it into a book add a cover and let him draw the pictures... there are alot of ways to encourage different types of play but dont worry that is what pre school is for, i hope these suggestions help and please let me know if you need ideas for specific things, good luck!

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If all he wants to do is run around maybe try putting cut outs of the ABC's on the ground through out the house and have him run to them. Start in the living room and together find A and run to it then find B and so on. That way he uses up his energy and is learning. If you can find them use little flags that you can use outside and do the same thing. Good luck :)


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Elizabeth - posted on 04/05/2011




preschool teaches all of that..don't stress so much. It's nice when they know these things ahead of time..but at the same time ..it's kind of like cleaning the house before the cleaning lady comes to clean.

Louise - posted on 04/03/2011




use play as your major way of teaching your son. If he is playing building bricks count the bricks name the colours and so on. Sing to him 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive and such to help him to count. When your in the car sing your ABC's. If he does not know it by the time he goes to preschool it does not matter it is what the teachers are there for. Enjoy being a mum with him time is so precious and it is gone before you know it.

Amy - posted on 04/03/2011




Whatever he is playing with, play with him and try to incorporate it into play. Eg, if your playing trucks, make the trucks sing the ABC's.

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