3 yr old son emotionally hurting his momma

Ashley - posted on 05/26/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son (3) has all of a sudden started saying Im mean and that he loves daddy and his twin younger brothers love me. He wont give me hugs and kisses anymore unless he's going to bed and the twins want one. It really is eating at me. I think it's because Iam the one doing most of the punishing b/c my husbands gone all the time(he has a traveling job), but it still really hurts me. My husband says Iam being silly and to quit talking about it . My friends just think its a stage and that no matter what he says he does love me very much and I know that . It still just eats at me He told me this weekend that I was mean to him b/c I yell at him and he would not tell me he loves me back. It hurt bad. I have tried not yelling at him but with 3 little boys under 3 sometimes this is hard. Has anyone else went through this. He always wants his daddy and never me unless of course its a rare circumstance and my husabnd gets on to him.


Penny - posted on 05/26/2009




Don't quit disciplining him because of this or it will cause worse behaviorial issues. He loves you that I am sure. You are his mother. He just knows that daddy doesn't make his behave cause mom is always there. My son is almost two and my husband and I are split and I have had to do the disciplinning for quite some times now and my son has started running to his memaw instead of me (he used to would not go to anyone but me) and it kills me even though i know that he does love me.

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