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Corey - posted on 02/02/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I've recently enrolled my 12 month old son into daycare. He doesn't start for two more weeks but I've been trying food at home that I've seen on their menu, A lot of it is new for him and he seems to really enjoy it all. But what really scares me is how he just STUFFS his mouth full and then chokes when he tries to swallow it.

I'm really good about cutting his food up and watching him but I'm worried that his daycare teachers won't be watching him like i do considering there is 8 to ten other children there, too.

How long can i expect him to be in this "stuffing" phase?


Maggie - posted on 02/03/2010




Don't worry, day cares are used to dealing with parents. Especially the ones that take care of kids his age - everyone's a little overprotective when leaving them the first time. Just talk with the caregiver and let her know your concerns. She (or he) will let you know how they handle snacks and meals. She'll probably also tell you she, or someone in the room, is certified in CPR and other first aid techniques in case something does happen.

My son is 18 months and still stuffs his face like that. I've tried giving him a smaller spoon but he just shovels it in with his free hand. I've tried giving him smaller portions but he just shovels it in anyway. I think it's just a phase they have to get through. Maybe when he sees the other kids eating he'll want to do it like they do.

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My mother told me I used to do the same thing, especially with hot dogs! But I was a bit older than 12 mths when I did it (around 2 or 3). His providers are going to have to be VERY attentive to this, because he may do this for a while (I'm told it is an "extension of play", not because he is starving or anything like that). How to redirect this, I don't know, especially because he is so young. Be proactive-Talk over your concerns with the director and his caregivers-document everything! They may give you pointers & also tell you how they handle things like that. I hope things go smoothly for you & your little guy during this transition.


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Rebecca - posted on 02/07/2010




Daycare providers are really good--not just at cutting up the food in small pieces-- but also at only giving kids a few pieces at a time. I have to pack my son's lunch for him to take to his "preschool" program. I'll cut it up before I pack it, and the teachers almost always cut it up even smaller than I do before they give it to him. Not only that, but it's likely your son will be so entertained by watching all the hubbub in the room with other children, that he may not stuff his face at school.

In the end, don't be worried about harassing the teachers, though. What's more important-- you feeling like your son is safe (and him being safe) or your what the daycare provider thinks about you? I've found I'm much more outspoken about my child's health than I've ever been about my own. That's our job as parents! Good luck, and I'm sure your son will enjoy the time with other kids.

Melissa - posted on 02/03/2010




My son is the same way and i was wondering the same thing. he has been eating finger foods exclusively since 10 months and is now 16 months. he is a stuffer. I have tried after a while to give him a whole cracker or waffle, but it doesn't work. he will find a way to stuff the whole thing in. He is a fast eater too. Or he will cram as many pieces as he can into his mouth. I am trying to have him watch me bite things and he is starting to get it a little. I just made sure that I brushed up on my infant heimlich and cpr techniques. knock on wood, so far so good. i would bring your concerns up with the daycare staff. Good luck.

Corey - posted on 02/02/2010




thank you for the comment! i plan on discussing it very well! she'll probably get tired of hearing me! But it's my little boy and i don't trust him with just anyone!

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