A Three Month old

Danielle - posted on 01/19/2010 ( 15 moms have responded )




Should a 3 month almost 4 month old being having his first taste of cereal?

My son seems to love it but i make into a soupy mixture and i've seen less throw up from him. i just dont want to hurt him. I have forgotten everything from my frist. -.-;;


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Gina - posted on 01/22/2010




I don't think it hurts and I would add it to a bottle around that time and make the nipple hole bigger so it is like a thick milk. Good luck

Alex - posted on 01/21/2010




I've been told 'no' as their internals are not mature enough to handle solids and filter them properly. Although I've heard plenty of Mums doing this at 4 months and no harm has come to them and do it mainly to get them to sleep through the night. I'm unsure of the new research of why to wait until they're 6 months. But if it's stopping him throwing up, then that sounds the right thing do do for him.

Latisha - posted on 01/21/2010




A lot of doctors say now (this year at least) that babies shouldn't have even baby food until they are 6 months old, but I did it with both of my girls and they were just fine, my mom did it with myself and my 3 sisters and we turned out just fine. And with both of my girls they seemed to be happier because they were fuller longer and they also slept really well. The only thing I made sure of though was that at that age was that they only got it once a day. So if he's doing fine with it keep going, but just remember when you start to mix veggies or fruits with it (better the less sweet veggies before anyother) is to make sure that you do the same one for at least 3 days to make sure that there are no alergies.

September - posted on 01/20/2010




If your pediatrician does not support it, then I would not do it. The most important thing is your child's health :) Oh one other thing..just because your baby takes to it well does not mean that it's safe.

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Rice cereal is NOT the easiest to digest. The LLL suggests yam, banana, and avocado as a baby's first foods. Yam is easier to digest than rice cereal by far. Rice is a grain and grains are one of the most difficult things to digest for babies and adults alike.

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I started feeding my son rice cereal right after he turned 4 months old. His pediatrician recommended it based on his size and how much formula he was eating. Rice cereal is the easiest to digest so I would feed him that kind only. I introduced Gerber's oatmeal cereal when he was 6 months. Everyone has different opinions when it comes to infants and solids. You do what you think is best for your baby because all babies are different.

Michelle - posted on 01/20/2010




Personally I wouldn't do it either. Their little tummys aren't able to digest it well, as mentioned in another reply. But, I do know other mums who have fed their babies solids before the recommended 6 months and their bubs are fine. If you continue, I wouldn't do more than one (runny) feed of rice cereal per day.

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Personally, I wouldn't do it. A baby that young is not able to digest that stuff very easily. Also, they need to be eating breast milk/formula quite frequently at that age. If they eat rice cereal it will sit in their tummy, keeping them full longer, and therefore they are not going to be as hungry for the breast milk/formula that has all the nutrients that they really need. Rice cereal is filling, but hardly nutritious.

Geralyn - posted on 01/19/2010




Actually most cereal companies don't even recommend it. There must be a reason.

Desire - posted on 01/19/2010




Personally, i feel its fine. i mean what else are you supposed to do if you dont feed it to him your afraid that he is not eating enough and getting full. i think the reason pediatricians dont recommend it is more or less that people make it too thick and then baby chokes on it. but if its not too thick and givin little bits at a time it should be fine! :D

Monica - posted on 01/19/2010




Yes it is fine. Some Pediatricians will say no but I have had some say give it to them. If they are hungry and not satisfied with just the formula then feed them if they spit up alot and you add some cereal to a bottle then it helps weigh the milk down to prevent it from coming back up so easily. You don't want to put in every bottle or feed alot by spoon as this will cause rapid weight gain and you don't want an obese baby. It's uncomfortable and unhealthy for them. I hope this helps!

Ella - posted on 01/19/2010




hi there, my personal apionion is that you can give him cereal - my little girl is now 4 months old & she started eating when she was more or less a month old - you wont believe how she is growing since them . she has become very strong in posture & looks older than the other 4 month old kids.

Jamie - posted on 01/19/2010




A pediatrician wouldn't recommend it, but I did it with both my girls... if he's taking to it well, than I wouldn't worry about it! A lot of my friends babies are around the same age and quite a few of them are on cereal now, so I'd say you're in the clear!

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