Advice for crib to toddler bed transition

Tiffany - posted on 09/13/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is 15 mo. and very mobile! I think he is ready to be in a toddler bed because of comparison to my daughter who is now 4yr. old, and was 15mo. when I transitioned her. She was very easy to do this with, and looked at it as a "big girl" bed; she was proud. Well.. when I tried this with my son, we put the bed in the same spot the crib was in, and introduced him to it in the early evening. He was so excited cuddling all into the bed. Come bed time though, he wasn't having it. I thought if I kept the lights off it would keep him in the bed instead of being able to see things to get into. Well, middle of the night he's up wandering in the dark. When I try a day time nap...he screams at the bedroom door. Our pedi advised me when he was 4mo. old to lay him in his crib and let him cry for 10 mins. and just let him know mommy is there by speaking at the door. He explained at that age they are able to recognize your presence by your comforting voice. Well since that I have not been able to cuddle him or rock him to sleep because he just HAS to "self-soothe" himself to sleep everytime. Which makes me sad but I've accepted his "independence". I'm used to putting him in his crib and getting him all cozy and he's sound asleep. Now I can't walk away fast enough before he pops out of bed and is at the door?? Any advice on what helped your child transition...or is he just not ready?


Candice - posted on 09/13/2010




i didn't switch to a big bed until much later, but i started a new routine when i did. i lay down with her and we sing songs and talk a bit, then kiss and hug, and i say goodnight and leave the room when she looks like she's ready.

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